Gingerbread Source Released, Heading to AOSP Now



A couple of days back we reported that the Android 2.3 source would be pushed to the Android Open Source Project shortly after the release of the Nexus S. Shortly, indeed, as the code is on its way out the doors and headed straight for the AOSP as I type. So hang on to your butts, because once it gets out there, there is no telling what sort of marvelous things will be accomplished by the dedicated Android dev community.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Ports :)

  2. AH HAHA!!!! PORTS!!!! I can’t wait!!!

  3. Come on Google push 2.3 for the N1’s.

  4. Fork Ports! hihihih

  5. So will this mean GB on my Vibrant??

  6. Maybe pimpstrong… but long after a port is created by some energetic dev over at xda-developers

  7. I want GB on the MT4G!! I plan on donating just for this :D

  8. Samsung should hire devs from XDA and give them a pension similar to the US government. Receive your salary every year you live until you die after you retire.

  9. Come on CM7!

  10. Everyone start e-mailing Cyanogen about CM7 ETA!!! (just kidding, don’t, he’ll hunt you down and kill you…)


  12. awww man! it figures i just rooted my incredible too! Looks like i wont be getting gingerbread when it first comes out :’-(

  13. It seems to me more and more as if gingerbread will be givin as a christmas present from android. Theres only 8 days left and with the time its taken it seems as if that will be all of ours “stocking stuffer”.

  14. @Nintendonate why not?
    Install the update or get it earlier and install a rom.

    Rooting will not prevent you from getting an update.

  15. Pure buddy christ

  16. I can’t wiat for when it comes out for droid x

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