HTC Scorpion Appears on GameLoft’s Compatible Devices List for Let’s Golf! 2


Though HTC has been more quiet than usual these past couple of months, there are still a lot of unused codenames floating around that we have yet to resolve. One such codename was the HTC Scorpion. We still don’t know what this device looks like, but previous rumors tagged it as having a 1.5GHz dual-score Snapdragon processor and Android 2.2

GameLoft appears to know more than everyone else, though, as they seemingly know for sure that the HTC Scorpion is able to play Let’s Golf! 2 HD. spotted the device on the Italian version of the site among current devices such as the Nexus One, the MyTouch 4G, and the HTC Incredible. Let’s hope HTC’s getting closer to unveiling some smash mouth products, and let’s hope it all starts with CES in a few weeks.

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  • SavageJeep

    I would look forward this product if it’s on the right carry… CRAP

  • SavageJeep

    I would look forward to this product if it’s on Verizon.

  • UniqueNate

    Way back when this thing was rumored it was said to be for Sprint cause of Wimax. Who knows.

  • Cory

    Seeing as how the T-Mobile G2 is NOT on the list of devices that their games run on, could they be referring to the 800MHz Scorpion processor in the G2?

  • Slick

    Considering HTC is going to load this awesome device with a crap HTC Sense, I will go ahead & purchase the Nexus S.

  • J.

    Yeah where has HTC been…they better be cooking up something really…Samsung has been on an Adroid Roll as of late with their Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, And Now Nexus S…Can I please have a Stock Android HTC 4inch Super Something Screen Dual Core Gingerbread Wimax Phone for Spring Please….Oh Yeah and 8.5-9 inch Tegra 2 Honeycomb Tablet Please!…thank you

  • austin

    is it just me or does verizon only get shit phones?

  • Jeetu

    Dual SCORE??

  • danboy

    T-Mo is getting the Glacier
    Verizon is getting the Scorpion
    Sprint is getting the Sabor

    devices are expected Q1-Q2 of 2011 and will feature dual core processors MSM8x60 with the Adreno 220 GPU

  • LSxChevelle

    The scorpion is the processor in the G2 and MT4G. Also when the G2 info went live on it had the scorpion image on it.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    This is not referring to the Scorpion processor found in the G2. That is totally different from a phone with the codename HTC Scorpion. The G2’s codename has never been Scorpion.

  • Evo 4.5G

    Patiently waiting for the Evo 2 or the successor to it on Sprint.

  • danbutter

    I thought Tmo already had the glacier aka MT4G.
    That is what the xda forum calls it anyway.

  • Peter

    With this phone you can pick up two girls at a time.

  • Alexander

    @Jeetu: I believe that’s like a three-some.

  • swazedahustla


    this is the phone you are waiting for then….the next EVO.

  • aberkae

    When I was disapointed with the g2 cpu some of you mocked me, now who’s lauphing I said wait for the dualcores like tegra 2 a few months ago! Then you’ll be good for years to come! Your 800mhz cpu is out of date lol!

  • Richard

    As long as Sprint gets blessed the all is well..I am a proud current owner of the HTC Evo 4G the best device on the market as of this date. I welcome the Evo 2 or htc’s next version of the evo as long as they come strong 4.5 to 4.8 screen, 8 to 12 megipixel cam, 1080p video capable, front facing camera, dual core, 4g/wimax capable, all this plus gingerbread or honeycomb and this would again make it the best device for 2011. The HTC Evo has ruled since June 4th 2010 and sprint has taken care if there flagship device and there customers Nexus S can not touch my current evo today much less the newer version…Sprint/HTC rules everyone

  • bluevodoo

    Yes, Evo is the bees knees. I dont know about 4.5 in screens but Evo is king. I really dont know how to improve an Evo, i even like HTC sense and HTC and sprint are quick for software roll outs so once again Evo 4g FTW

  • danboy


    you’re correct. that’s a mistake on my part. T-Mo will be releasing another phone, though, to match the Sabor/Scorpion.

    the myTouch 4g (Glacier) is only carrying a 2nd gen chip. 3rd gen chips are ones that should start appearing in phones in the first half of 2011. Nexus S sales are going to be cannibalized further when Samsung starts releasing devices with their Orion chip.

  • Donovan

    more interesting news on this..

    you can buy accessories for a phone that hasnt been announced! lol

  • soldierblade

    @Donovan Uh huh. I gotta stock up on some styli for my Scorpion, oh and cant pass up that extended battery. LMAO

  • JonnyB

    ^^^Lol the link doesnt exist anymore xD

  • UniqueNate


    the dual cores you mention, are they challenging tegra 2 or even orion?

  • InspectorGadget80

    Scorpion just a awesome name. Just love the way HTC names their phones. And of course Verizon gets all the nice phones from HTC which really sucks for me cause I’m still stuck on AT&T crappy phones, also I’m a Scoprio I SHOULD HAVE THIS PHONE!