Happy Holidays: From Google, To Me, To You

Google just sent me an e-mail, linking me to the following video:

I received the video because I’m part of Google’s Adsense program. At least SOME of the ads you see on Phandroid, AndroidForums, and AndroidApplications are served by Google. The “Happy Holidays” message included this text:

Dear Rob,

Thanks to you, this holiday season Google is able to donate $20 million to charitable organizations around the world. They in turn will help improve the lives of over 50 million people. Click here to see how.

Thank you for being a part of what Google is today. All this is possible because of you.

Have a wonderful holiday.


I’d like to pass the thank you on to YOU – Phandroid Readers – because you folks are the ones that make my partnership with Google possible. So yes… by reading Phandroid you are saving the world.

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    Good job google!!!

  • ryan

    Google is legit! That is so awesome of them. not only do they rule the tech world but they are helping people all over the world in need! Big props!


  • Momm

    Can I haz a cookie?

  • Robb

    Merry Christmas Guys:D

  • andulas

    happy holidays phandroid! and the world!

  • Covert

    hey rob post a link to what they were linking you to, i’d like to read up on it!


    happy holidays!

  • Kane Stapler

    I’d like to see Apple do anything like this.. I love Google :)

  • thelub

    Google is big corporate america so I bet there’s a hidden agenda. I just hope that most of the money makes it into the hands of those that need it. All in all its still better than what most companies do with “excess” money. I heard google employees got hooked up for the holidays this year too. Corporate america needs to take some lessons from the big G on how to cultivate happy productive employees

  • LogicalBud

    20 million only? That’s like exchange for them…

  • tati

    Change, not exchange :)

  • Yinas

    1up Google :D

    … would like that animation at the end as live wallpaper :P

  • SteveJobsHatesTheChildren
  • Matthew


    Get youtube downloader off the android market and download the video onto your device.- transfer to your PC

    on your PC
    Then use http://www.youtube.com/editor to edit the clip.
    Return the edited clip to your phone

    then use video live wallpaper (for android) to make the video on your phone an animated background.


  • b1gg134

    Wow how freaking cheap of Google… they make billions. 20 million is nothing to them.

  • kappy79

    Love it. Happy holidays google and phandroid.

  • Joao Monteiro

    Do you give 1% of how much you earn for charity? I didn’t think so… Better $20 mil than nothing at all. If it is anything like here in Portugal where some companies prefer to donate the money than to lose it to taxes I think that’s kind of an honorable attitude.

  • http://www.mensahwatts.com MensahWatts

    @bigg…what the crap? Are you insane? I mean do you think they should have gave a billion?

  • LeChuck

    Thanks to you, Google ^^

  • Aeires

    If it was a bit shorter, it would make a perfect Super Bowl commercial.

    For all those complaining about the amount donated, Google has their hands in a lot of projects that will benefit the planet, not just this one. Another big item being created is a massive ocean wind farm that would have been scrapped if Google wouldn’t have been the top dog to fund the project. Stop griping about them not doing enough, they could easily take the Apple road and do much less.

  • Bobby

    hahaha all of you complaining about how “little” google donated… how much of ur money did you donate to anything?? didnt think so haha