Dell Streak Now $99 through Best Buy



Aside from the Dell Streak’s big size for a phone, the other factor that might keep some away is its big price. But once again, the holidays come to the rescue with an offer that is just too good to refuse. $99.99 dollars and a two year contract with AT&T are all that keeps you from grabbing one from Best Buy. The only hard part to swallow about that is the AT&T contract, but we’re sure you’ll manage.

Both the white and black color options are eligible for the deal, so act now if you’re ready to stretch those tired hands around something sizable.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. If i still had At&t i’d so get this at 99 bucks

  2. almost bought one of these for tablet i could carry around in my pocket but i ended up last nighti ordering a elocity a7 cuz of bigger screen and 100 bucks cheaper cuz i would of bought it off contract i have fone to tether that i can get service everywhere i go why would i need big smartphone i have small smart phone to talk and tether with

  3. WOW!!!!, love the price, i will get it in two weeks, on new years eve, the eve of a new start. i almost bought it last week which had a 299.99 price tag, now that its 99.99, i will be on my way in 2 weeks, wooo!!!!!

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