App Inventor Opens Floodgates for all to Download


It seems it was ages ago that Google App Inventor – the RAD tool to allow easier and faster development of Android applications – was announced and opened up to only a handful of those interested. We’ve seen some interesting uses of the application, but no one’s really shown how much you can squeeze out of it before you’ll eventually need to get your feet wet with code. (After all, its original purpose was to be used as a teaching tool for aspiring developers.)

Thankfully, it’s finally out of beta and it’s free to download for anyone willing to grab it. Unfortunately, it sounds like you’re still unable to edit the code produced by the application so if you were looking to add this to your toolkit to help speed up the development of advanced applications, think again. It’s still worth a download, though, so head on over to Google to check it out. [via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. FINALLY ! :D and yes first :P

  2. Technically it is still in beta…they are just letting everyone have at it now. :)

  3. As AndGuy said, even though it is now open it is still a Google Labs project and is in Beta.

  4. I might want to try this out.

  5. I wonder how many “miaow” apps there will be on the Market now :-)

  6. From what I understand, this is only a tutorial. Apps created cannot be “signed” and listed on the market.

  7. Sadly there are a few workarounds to push these apks to market.

  8. This is a great tool for learning or creating apps to use yourself. Fortunately there is not a option to upload your app to the market. There is a way to do it though if you really wanted to.

  9. It is a nice little system.

    Apps do not go to the market but you can share them via a QR code.

    I have not messed with it in months but for whipping up a quick application it cannot be beat.

  10. Fun little thing. Hope not too many apps are written with this, though. The little HelloPurr app ends up being 4mb!

  11. This is great, nothing like creating my own apps on my pc using Google Chrome browser. HelloPurr was successful and kinda of fun to make. For a beta it seems to work very well. I will report back after making a few of the more advanced apps. Be sure to download the Motorola drivers for the Droid1 if you want to be able to connect to your phone instead of just using the emulator.

  12. Google never learned from their past mistake. They became very successful OS provider to lots of mobile phone companies; they should just stick to it. And now, they are trying again to compete with their clients like Motorola and HTC. I hope Google will have the decency to realize that competing with your own clients is really bad for business.

  13. I’d recommend using to create apps for any phone including Android. You create it once and the apps work on all phones not just Android. What’s more the Android app can be uploaded to Android Market. So this is a better than App Inventor. The apps are more like just content though, eyemags does not yet have access to the shake api or location, so in that sense app inventor does a little more. It can play a sound if you upgrade to the pro version though.

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