O2 UK’s Dell Streak Getting Froyo this Week


Folks on O2 in the UK with the Dell Streak will be glad to know that your upgrade to Android 2.2 should be arriving sometime this week. Lucky, you, considering you didn’t have to suffer until 2011. You also have been on Android 2.1 for quite some time. (I feel for you, AT&T users.) There’s not much special added with Froyo except for the core functionality you’d expect: JIT, Flash, Apps to SD, and everything else. [O2 Twitter via GSMArena]

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  • Neil Higgins

    No,O2 customers have been on 1.6.FroYo will add Flash,plus a host of other goodies.

  • Bobbin

    My sister has the dell streak on O2 and she has been on 2.1 for a while. She said her FFC doesn’t work ATM. Hopefully the update will fix it.

  • Kris

    Does anyone know how to downgrade from 2.2 to 1.6? I hate this new software, ive lost most of the key features that made me purchase the dell in the first place, im now stuck on mobile sites, unable to view full websites, its rubbish and I want out!