Google Gets Bored, Sends Andy Into Near Space

Google Space

Google wanted to see just how durable their newest smartphone is; as well as collect a plethora of data using the sensors that are built into the device.  They decided it was prudent to attach a total of seven Nexi, type S, into a collection of styrofoam coolers taped to a balloon and see what they could get. While Andy wont get his Astronaut wings this round, tomorrow is another day.

As of now they’ve recovered 85.7% of the phones that lifted off into the air. Finders keepers?

[via Engadget]

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  • Mr.Transistah

    does this mean satelites running android? =P

  • going_home

    How do you get from weather balloons to a satellite ?


  • TheDrizzle

    I wish they showed some of the footage taken by the Nexus S instead of the other cameras in the cooler. Still, it’s a cool idea. I’m not sure about the usefulness, though. However, as long as someone had fun doing the project, it was worth it.

  • chimphappyhour

    The best will be when an Apple fan tries to call that an Apple did this first. Uh, no they didn’t… :P

  • Lieutenant

    apple actually DID do this first.

    but not apple itself, but a man with an iphone did it first. there’s a video on youtube about it.

  • Randy Johnson

    There’s always some apple fan boy giving credit to apple for a guy launching his iPhone in a balloon in video mode. WTF did apple have to do with that? Apple didn’t do shit, they didn’t even sanction that launch. So if it would’ve been a blackberry, then we give credit to RIM? WTF! Come to your senses apple fan boys.

  • Justin

    Yeah, some guy sent his iPhone 4 into space a couple months ago. There’s a video somewhere.

  • Tyler Miller
  • kyle

    Android.. really is out of this world. Their phones are heavenly. Sales have just been sky high. New phones have been flying in sales. This picture is very uplifting for Android. If Android and Apple made sexy time, we know Android would definitely be on top. Android is very serious when they talk about launching new phones…..ok I’m done.

  • Jared

    kyle wins

  • chimphappyhour

    Ha ha! See, am I psychic or what? Well, for those who are so short of attention span, just months before that silly iPhone stunt:

    Android has been there before.

  • Mrrix32

    But did they check-in on FourSquare while they where up there?

  • Eric

    Yeah Kyle wins!

  • Willy900wonka

    14.2% = 1 phone missing. Come on just say it. “Six out of seven were returned”.

  • Oh No Mister Bill !

    Looks like NASA is out of a job taking Pictures , NASA the largest Photo Maker of the World .