Buy One, Get One Free on AT&T’s Xperia X10


AT&T’s trying to move the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and they’ve got just the promotion to do it: want one? Buy it with a two-year contract and the second one is yours. You’ll have until January 1st to take advantage of the deal, so act soon if you want a pair of matching phones for you and as a gift for someone special. (Psst: I’d still wait for the Olympus if you need a high-end Android on AT&T.) [SE Twitter via AC]

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  • Wello

    Why would anyone want this?

  • Dillin

    Well…. thats good and all but its already free at Best Buy Mobile. So….

  • James W

    @1 I was thinking the same thing just from reading the headline

  • F. Augusztin

    Buy One, Get One Free.
    Note: because they suck and AT&T wants to get rid of them

  • Hulk smash

    Too late! Failed!

  • Twenty4

    Sony needs to give up on phones and stick to making TV’s & Playstations.

  • John W

    You can get as many free X10s as you want through Best Buy Mobile. You don’t have to pay for a single one (assuming your contract is eligible for renewal, or you’re signing a new one).