T-Mobile G2 On Sale for $49.99

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

Aside from the general good cheer, jovial music, and blinding lights decorating the buildings around town, the holiday season has one big benefit for all: sales! Even if you aren’t the type to buy gifts for family and friends, there is nothing stopping you from getting yourself something special at a bargain price. For instance, T-Mobile is now offering the T-Moble G2 for a meager $49.99 on a new two-year agreement. Not a bad price for a phone promising TMo’s “4G,” a pop-out QWERTY keyboard, and a clean stock install of Android 2.2. Order be the 20th and they’ll ship it to you overnight for free. Not bad at all.

[via TMoNews]

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  • Decimae

    Those prices seem exorbitantly high. You can get a desire Z for 30-40 euro/month for free in holland(including web).

  • Aztec

    okay but how much do you pay for the phone itself? the monthly prcing in the US is probably from 45-70 dollars a month depending on how mamny minutes and ur type of data plan. the 49.99 a month is just a one time fee.

  • Kim

    What incentives are given to customers? I mean really?

  • Decimae

    @Aztec I was talking free in the way of 0 euros.

    Occasionally, it’s cheaper to buy a phone including contract(like 20 euros/month 2 years vs 500 euros) then without contract.

  • jesse

    Does anyone know if they ever got the hinge issue resolved?

  • Aeires

    No one has room to complain about a great sale price, the G2 rocks. Mine has exceeded every expectation I had for it, and I was coming from a N1. Best phone I’ve ever purchased, and don’t see a need anytime soon to replace it.

  • bigsg

    note: g2 does not have a “clean stock install” of 2.2. It is a dirty htc version of 2.2 made to imitate the look and feel of stock, but still has a number of restrictions and closed source htc code. luckily its rootable, runs cm 6.1 stable, and boasts the highest quadrant scores of any phone on the market in the USA.

  • Hindu Elvis Pimp

    What hinge problem? Mine works fine.

  • lccurtis

    @Decimae who cares about what you get it for in Holland? I live in the U.S no one will be flying to Holland just to by a phone or service so what’s your point?

  • AGx

    Yeah I got my hands on one and I didn’t see a hinge problem at all.

  • swazedahustla


    I can get 3000 on quadrant on my evo….which means absolutely nothing BTW .

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Bell in canada has the Desire z on sale for $49.99 – practically the same phone, but its a 3 year contract instead.

  • AGx

    I tried one and didn’t notice anything wrong with the hinge.

  • Layzzz

    I bought my Desire Z for 150$ with a one year contract (40$ a month /1year) in Holland.

  • FaultBat

    And, of course, jack for existing T-Mo customers. I need to jump ship to another carrier just to get a good deal on a phone. I wonder what kind of deal Sprint will send my way for the Epic instead?

  • ithrowpoop

    i just checked tmobile.com and the deal has been removed. what gives?

  • dork

    bought my g2 off cl, didnt qualify for the upgrade, im due in 5 months, if nothing comes out by then, i think i would just get a newer g2. hahaha. its fast as hell.