Wait… Birds have Wings, Why are the Angry Ones Using Slingshots? [VIDEO]

Sometimes, things are so fun that you realize they make absolutely no sense. Why are these birds using a slingshot? If they’re birds, they should be able to fly. Unless you’re a chicken, a turkey, or some weird hybrid like the penguin. In that case, they’re forgiven. But these “birds” don’t even have wings?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter: that castle built with stone and wood is totally $%!$ed. [via Kotaku]

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  • Slick

    They are forms of chickens and as you must know (hopefully), chickens cant fly.

    Plus, slingshots give them power to shoot themselves towards something. They could run/fly into the pigs but wouldnt cause the same amount of damage.

    Also.. I’m first.

  • Peej

    They’re angry because they don’t have wings obviously :P

  • Andrew

    That was pretty entertaining. I never really thought about it myself but I think slick is on the right track.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Makes sense slick (and yes, I know chickens can’t fly. I alluded to as much in the post.) But have we ever known for sure these are chickens? Or any other species of non-flying birds?

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    And it still wouldn’t explain the lack of wings.

  • Slick

    Yeah I guess even if they are chickens, they should still have wings. Good catch, what else can I say? I never thought that deeply about this game!

  • expat

    they are all Kiwi’s

  • timmyjoe42

    That video was actually pretty good.

  • dbest180

    Chickens can fly. They what you would call short flight birds. I they really needed to they can get to about 14 -20 feet high.

    Anyhoo that was hilarious and spot on.

  • droid.

    Nice one Slick.

    The black birds are oil covered seagulls that have injested alka-seltzer.

  • gad

    Chickens can still fly some distance,although not far.But who cares…..i love my my birds….sorry Angry birds.

  • Aeires

    Dodo birds.

  • unknown

    If they had wings…how would the game will be??flying over the caste??!
    come on..they are Zealots.

  • Pedro

    You get more momentum from a slingshot than from your wings (unless you are an eagle or some other bird of prey).

  • Ernest

    Is this site bankrolled by Angry Birds?

  • Yakuza

    They need Red Bull.

  • Aztec

    HAHAHAHA that is funny

  • Michele

    But why fly by yourself if you’ve got a Super SlingShot???

  • Brad 2

    OMG the funniest thing ever!

  • Bob

    That was my first thought when I saw the game. Where have you been?

    My biggest question with the game is the claim that it is “physics based.” Hogwash. Pieces of those fortresses stay hanging on at impossible angles. The Christmas version is even worse the the regular one in this respect, I think.

  • nico78

    ever wondered WHY they are angry? pull of their wings and see for yourself.

  • Pieter

    dodos still had wings. kiwis do not.

  • jeetu

    The purpose of this blog is actually advertisement. The more we talk about angry birds (even if its about non sense stuff like why the pig has no legs?) the more it becomes popular.
    I finished angry birds and I will give 5 star rating. I like the game, im just reminding you people what this blog is all about… publicity.. and there’s nothing wrong with that.. it just becomes irritating if it’s too much

  • johnny tsunami

    Who cares what kind of bird they are send em all over to kfc and let’s have dinner

  • daniel

    what about the pigs having mustaches?

  • butho

    why do pigs need eggs anyway?

  • Ryan

    I think the important question here is: African or European?

  • InstantKarma

    Penguins are hybrids? Of what?

  • JK_NZ

    @Pieter – Kiwi do have wings, just vestigial wings. Nocturnal too. Moa perhaps?

    Perhaps the birds are angry because they’re poor fliers – think Pukeko / Purple Swamphen <– These guys look really panicked when they fly!


  • JK_NZ
  • Chris

    Uhhh. The birds that can be angry, lay exploding eggs, explode themselves or accelerate when tapped . . . don’t have wings . . . . ? Does that somehow detract from the realism?