Froyo for Motorola Milestone Just Entering Operator Testing

The Motorola Droid has had Froyo since the tail-end of the summer, just a couple months after it was formally unveiled at this past Google I/O. This is important to note because the Motorola Milestone, the Droid’s twin for those not on Verizon’s network, is still yet to receive the update to Android 2.2. So what gives?


Motorola Europe chimed in yesterday via their Facebook page to assure users the update is…still in testing. Having completed two rounds of in-house testing, Moto has forwarded the update to their operator partners for even more testing. This means while the update might technically be good to go (and we don’t see why it isn’t given the Droid has handled Froyo just fine), it’s in the carrier’s hands now. And we all know how that goes. Sorry, Milestone users.

[via DroidLife]

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  • ade

    If you have a milestone and want froyo, you can get it here:

    Works great.

  • Rab Jacksin

    Fuck you kevin for posting that WP7 article. your fired!

  • Darryl

    Can’t wait for this to hit Canada. Hopefully our timeline is close to the euro timeline.

  • slayer

    and yet there are so many galaxy s post with WHINERS complaining that Samsung is slow for updates. Same old same old

  • iddqd

    Does this mean it will come to Milestones in Asia as well? Don’t see why not if it’s being done for Europe. Can’t be that different, right?

  • zed

    This is why when you decide on your next phone, if you are not in the States, do not buy a Motorola. Then they will learn.

  • eldis

    The update should hit Canada and Asia a little behind Europe: