AT&T’s Dell Streak Froyo Delated Until Mid-January; Pre-Installed Froyo Devices Delayed

Oh noes! Dell seems to have put a mean halt on the Froyo upgrade for AT&T’s Streak users, for whatever reason. In an email sent to StreakSmart which looks to have been from Dell to AT&T, Dell’s stating the unlocked devices on AT&T can grab the update OTA by going to the settings menu. Unfortunately, those with locked devices (bought subsidized) won’t be seeing it until the week of January 12th. Gingerbread will be out by then!


And what’s more: folks have been reporting that the units shipping from ┬á that are advertised with Froyo pre-installed are still coming with 1.6. I’d say that Samsung Galaxy S owners are just as distraught as Dell Streak owners, but some of them aren’t even on 2.1. Bummer, right?

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  • Ratnok

    Fail. Don’t trust Dell.

  • Drew

    Gave up on Dell/AT&T and installed 2.2 myself… too many failed dates / blown promises. Streak owners should check out “QDL” tool for installing 2.2 threads on streak oriented sites.

  • Jason

    I wonder if this Jan. 12th date applies to the Dell Steak from Rogers in Canada?

  • jdog25

    Talk about a fail. So your choices are wait until January for 2.2 or wait a few more weeks for the first Google tablet with Honeycomb.

  • Kris

    Use StreakDroid rom for 2.2. :)

  • stillerwinter

    I own a european streak, and the 2.2 upgrade was last week. But there are many bugs in it. Namely the browser (to many server redirects errors) and the browser is now really bad!
    They forgot to enable the hardwareacceleration in 2.2. The system is really slow without it (you need root to enable it). The menu lags.

  • mindo

    Dell shouldn’t waste their time anymore, they clearly didn’t give a shit when they were shipping this oversized, under-rezd pos with 1.6, so why pretend to care now?

    Dell should just get on with their wm7 agenda and stop giving android a bad name.

  • kory


  • InspectorGadget80

    That’s why I would never buy Dell products after their crappy XPS fan died on me. Plus AT&T don’t gives a damn bout Android takes too long to update to Froyo