Touiteur 2.0 for Android Now Available


Touiteur follows Seesmic in updating their application: it’s now hit version 2.0! Loved by many on the market, the application was already one of the premier offerings, but today’s hefty update should really impress a lot of people. Scrollable widgets, an integrated picture viewer, mute/ignore controls, the works! And when I say the list of changes is long, don’t accuse me of lying. That’s why I’ll refer you to LevelUp’s blog post on the update right here, but not before going and trying the latest version out for yourself. Find it in the Android market.

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  • Se7en2

    Awesome update. One of the fixes that falls under the “So much more” category is remembering where you were in the feed when you back out and go back in. Not sure if anyone else had that issue, but I did (paid version, EVO) and it drove me crazy. I’m glad I stuck with Touiteur, new version looks great.

  • Andrew

    Anroid market ey? How do I get onto that? :p lol. Sorry.

    I’ve been using pure messenger widget with adw and have been loving that… plus tweetdeck has been awesome.. not sure if I should switch.

  • ToastnJam

    I’m not very impressed with this twitter app. It doesn’t give you the ability to look for account holders by category or upload a bio pic like the regular twitter app does. I uninstalled and went back to the original. @Andrew, To get on the Market just click on the market widget in applications

  • Jane

    I’m using Seesmic right now, but I’ve tried Touiteur today.
    I don’t see what people like about it. It seems cumbersome and slow.
    So back to Seesmic which has a much cleaner interface after the last update. And it’s really fast.

  • brad

    I’m fairly annoyed that they removed the 4×1 widget entirely, especially since I paid for the app for that 1 feature.

  • dork

    touiteur best twitter client ever.