As Advent Vega Stock is Replenished, Manufacturer Commits to Android 2.3


Worried that the Advent Vega you just bought might soon be outdated? Don’t be! After being asked by many if it’ll get updated, they reassured everyone that Android 2.3 is certainly one of their priorities, but they’d like everyone who wants ¬†one to actually get one first. So if you were one of the lucky few who were able to catch these the couple of times they were up for sale – hurray! As for the rest of you, your pockets will be bulging until they can get their stock replenished. Might I recommend keeping an eye on their Twitter account to be notified the moment they do put the Vega tablet back up? They’re as vocal a manufacturer as any of them. [@AdventVega via Android Community]

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  • Tom

    It’ll be awesome when they do come out with a 2.3 build to get it ported to the VS Gtablet!

  • Steve

    I think this tablet sucks!!!

    Everyone considering this should just wait until Febrary and buy a dual-core tablet running android 3.0.

  • rushmore

    Steve, you are silly.

  • bob

    It is a dual-core nvidia tablet, and by the dedication of It’s community over at and if it’s specs are adequate it will run 3.0.

    Stop thinking it’s dangerous.