This Hour in Nexus S and Gingerbread: More Ports, Nexus S Challenge Rules & First Challenge Up, Nexus S Going to Russia


Another round of Nexus S news for you. That contest we mentioned earlier has kicked off! Stop wasting time because the first hint has been posted here with the lucky finder of a “treat” to be awarded a free Google Nexus S. Be sure to skim over the rules and eligibility list here.

The Nexus S will be available in Russia – and likely other countries – for those who feared this would be a UK and US only thing. There is a slight difference to the version being released in Russia: it has a Super Clear LCD screen, which reviewers say is as good as a Super AMOLED display, except it consumes more power.

Finally, more devices – even non-Android ones – have gotten their own ports of Android 2.3. Just as with the EVO we talked about earlier, the Wildfire, Hero, Eris, and HD2 won’t be running these as smoothly as you’d like. Be sure to nandroid and whatnot before proceeding. (And always remember that you do so at your own risk and discretion.)

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  • swehes

    Well. I entered my guess. Not sure if it is right. :) It was 12 minutes into the competition so plenty of people can have entered before me.

  • jdog25

    Does anybody know if it vibrates the same as the other Galaxy S phones? I am talking about how the haptic feedback feels.

  • swehes

    what did you guys guess???

  • NGagen

    The correct answer was creampuff… The first person answered 1 minute after the contest started :/

  • your mother

    i guessed ya moma

  • swehes

    Heh. Was that in the first video?

  • corey

    i couldn’t even see the videos like nothing showed up why?

  • NeoteriX

    So does this mean the contest is over?

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    The contest goes until December 16th. The rules say that as many as 10 Nexus S devices will be given away throughout the next week + 2 days.

  • Derek

    where did you see a creampuff?!?!?! i searched all over and i only found a cup of coffee! i was gonna guess gingerbread!

  • Chris93036

    wth!? that fast!? i couldnt find anything so i was just going to guess honeycomb. lol

  • Chris93036

    and is anyone else annoyed that the image above is an HTC HD2 and not the Nexus S?

  • BR

    Now all Samsung need to do is ditch their bloatful version of Android on the Galazy S range and put the Nexus S vanilla on them.

    I know this won’t happen but if they offer up the option to android tinkers, it would be greatly appreciated. At the end of the day if they won’t do it, the MOD community will be all over it.

  • Paul

    The article, that you must not have read, referenced Gingerbread on other devices. And you guessed it one of those is the HD2.

  • Hulk smash

    Putting “first” on comment is starting to be annoying. You’re a lame!

  • Mario

    Im first!!!!!!!!! First!!!! First!!!!!!………… oh shit…… Im not first! How silly of me!

  • ACR

    Galaxy S should get 2.3 pretty fast after released of Nexus S.

  • Hulk smash

    @ mario then you’re the first faggit! Lol. Oh shit baa haha!

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    Where the F was the creampuff or whatever they call it in french in that video?!?!?!?