LG Star Headed for SK Telecom Soon, Won’t be Google Branded, Takes Cues from Galaxy S


The first word of availability regarding the LG Star has popped up, recently,  as Korean outlet Cetizen reports the device will be available “sometime soon” for South Korea’s top cellular provider, SK Telecom. What’s more is that their version is a wee-bit different from the “prototype” we’ve seen in earlier pictures and videos.

For starters: this thing was certainly influenced by the Samsung Galaxy S. If LG’s custom user interface didn’t tip you off to as much, then the “plasticky” look of the outer-shell will. Even the set of buttons on the front mimic the “iPhone-wannabe” style that the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 introduced earlier this year.

And finally, it’s not Google branded. We’re not sure why considering the version we’ve seen is. Anywho, everything else is still the same: an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, HDMI port, a Tegra 2 processor, will run Android 2.2 (with a high chance of it seeing Gingerbread before too long) plus more. No pricing information to be had yet. [Cetizen via Unwired View]


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  • http://none Mikhail

    sweet, no let’s get it over to US cdma carriers

  • UniqueNate

    I personally think the hype died down about this. Looked nice in the leaked pics and all. But the UI I was hoping was stock.

  • joedon3

    I’ll wait for someone besides LG to release a Tegra2, or maybe even Samsung’s Orion…

  • Eloquence

    No dedicated Search button? Tell me this is in Korea only. Really liked the prototype capacitive button layout better

  • Dan

    the only good lg phone so far has been the optimus s

  • jk

    for me the phone looks sexy.! go to at&t please.!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ColbsandKatieChaos Colby

    I take offense to calling the Galaxy S an Iphone wannabe! I LOVE my Fascinate, it’s part of the Android family and as such should not face all the discrimination it does. Samsung is a good company more or less, they are creative and have come up with allot of “firsts” in the phone world. E-ink qwerty keyboard on the alias2 as well as the dual hinge, super AMOLED screen just to name a few.

  • andulas

    dang boy, calm down. its talking about the unlocked/world version not U.S.

  • aberkae

    I want the google branded phone from the israely video!
    this phone will be sick!