Loky Helps You Save Your Relationship, Or Just Helps Keep Your Secret Contacts Secret

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Loky is an Android app that will help you keep prying eyes away from incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, as well as a special phonebook. Immediately, the “cheating spouse” scenario comes to mind, and I’m sure a lot of that type will spring for this, but it looks like it could be an overall godsend for privacy buffs as it password-protects your photos, as well. It’s just one of many options out there to help keep people out of your business. (I personally use App Protector, but I’m imagining a few scenarios where I would’ve preferred Loky instead.) The app costs about $4.70 in the Android market, but that’s a small price to pay for the headache it will help save in the long run. [via Loky, Recombu]


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  • Covert

    good to know that writers don’t have a very faithful mindset

    how bouts people just be honest then you don’t need shit like this to help you get away with stuff you shouldn’t do, don’t say your commited to one person if your not

  • Loser



  • Mr. T

    privacy isn’t always about cheating. One time i remember i went through my girfriends phone and accidentally uncovered details about a surprise party for me… sometimes there are reasons to keep things secret. perhaps other people are sharing personal info and you just want to protect there space… anyways i just think its unfair to bash on this app when it could have some positive uses outside of the cheating spouse scenario

  • Jorge

    im not worried about the spouse and my stuff, its all the “free” apps that i worry about snooping…@Loser…failed again.

  • Dom

    Lighten up Covert… Cheat, live a little

  • Alexander

    Loser… You failed at failing, so I guess in a way, that makes you successful? Oh noes, the confusion!!!! 8-0

  • Donkey3000

    Does this app get Tiger Woods’ approval?

  • iamsteventucker

    @ Mr. T i guess the question is, why were you poking around in her phone in the first place? ha

  • Cool

    Hmmmmm, stretching things a bit here, but I agree… The Highest Court has ruled, you must ASSERT your RIGHTS to obtain them, so if you don’t want your phone to be searched for any reason by authorities, you must assert your expectation of privacy. This would be one method!

    Then again, who really gives their phone to their significant other or leaves it laying around? I can’t let go of my android! Lol…

  • carmendiva

    lol an app to help all the cheating men(and i guess women)…YAY!


  • jerry

    Well this app is only worth $4.70.

    But I’d pay $47.00 or $470.00 if the new secret address book came filled with numbers.

  • Jared

    So you guys don’t worry about people accessing this information if you miss place the phone?

  • Fred

    @Jared – I just use the built in security of Android. You know, the passcode feature of Android 2.2, or the swipe feature of previous Android versions.

  • geekd

    i dont cheat, my girl never checks my phone, i dont have nude pics of my ex’s in my gallery and george w. Bush has an IQ of 140…lol. all this app needs is to encrypt my mem card and i’d pay double

  • geekd

    @fred with this app you could leave ur phone unlockd and and still have all ur private stuff stay private. Only drawback is ur girl might have this installed already :-D