doubleTwist Gets Wireless Sync


doubleTwist-Device-Support-Expanding-2For you doubleTwist fans, doubleTwist has just launched a new feature: syncing over WiFi, courtesy of AirSync. Once you’ve got the free version of doubleTwist installed to your Android device, you’ll only need to upgrade for $.99 within the application. After you’ve upgraded, it’s a simple process to pair up with your desktop and one less wire to worry about.

Now, if only they would come out with an Ubuntu solution.


[via Phone Scoop | Comic courtesy of: doubleTwist]

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  1. No Ubuntu means No Install. C’mon DoubleTwist Hurry up!

  2. Sounds cool. I might try it.

  3. doesn’t winamp do this for free?

  4. I just downloaded the AirSync add-on. 99 cents is a steal for this functionality. I needed to restart my phone (Droid X) so that it would pair with my desktop over the WiFi connection. Unfortunately, the wireless syncing process is very slow (on my network at least). Anyone have faster sync times over WiFi?

    Ahh, the price one pays for being on the bleeding edge of technology.

  5. Does DoubleTwist finally support synchronizing from a specific smart playlist and providing the last-played information back to iTunes? If so I might actually try DT out again. Without that, it’s not really that useful to me; the last time I looked at DT it was basically just a glorified file manager with some useful automatic conversion functionality. But it’s been a while.

  6. @jc. Yes it supposedly does, but I am having a heck of a time trying to get it to connect my computer and phone. Been trying for like 1.5 hours with no luck. If doubleTwist is easier, I’d say it’s worth the $0.99.

  7. I agree, they badly need a linux solution.

  8. Agreed as well as the podcast integration….shoutcast is great just not everything is there that I want.

  9. @jc yes but no mac support from winamp

  10. @jc, Does winamp transfer photos and video? I saw the same question elsewhere and their answer was that DT covers photos and videos over winamp, although I haven’t used winamp in awhile personally so wasn’t sure.

  11. Winamp does wirelessly transfer but only if BOTH the android phone AND computer are on the same wireless network. If the computer is the SOURCE of the wireless network, it doesn’t work (e.g. if it is connected to the DSL or cable and then connected to the router)…

    I hope doubleTwist does better with its client…

  12. cool, thanks for the answer guys

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