Southwest Airlines App for Android Released – the airline with the catchy and funny commercials that really do make me want to fly with them – has released their Android app for all to book flights, reserve cars, check up on their rewards programs, and more. It’s a 1.5MB download and sounds like it’ll be well worth the space it takes up if you’re a fan of low rates and free bags. It’s on!

*Manage air reservations
*Manage rental car reservations
*Check in for flights
*Check flight status
*Review flight schedules
*Access your Rapid Rewards account
*Access helpful contact information

southwest-app-2 southwest-app-1


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  • Pete


  • Todd

    Hard to believe people are still getting suckered into flying on that cattle-call airline! Compare fares, people!!

  • ReTodd

    maybe in your city they’re not cheapest. they are in mine.

  • Nlsme

    @Todd, they are usually the cheapest flights available. I don’t really like the A,B,C boarding, but their fares, and lack of baggage fees are a plus.

  • Aaron

    Cattle-Call? Hardly. The boarding process changed and actually is pretty nice. Our seats are comfy and our crews are awesome!

  • Hotmann

    I get $29 flights with southwest…for those rates I’d be willing to stand in a box in the cargo area like a cow…thanks for the heads up on the app.

  • seam

    I’m waiting for the jetblue app!! They need one stat

  • Brandon

    Hard to believe people are still assuming their situation is the same as everyone else! More explanation marks, people!!

  • Fred

    Todd must work for a legacy airline that charges people change fees, luggage fees, and more fees.

  • Ron

    I am happy about this app. I LOVE southwest….use them all the time. MUCH cheaper than USAIR in Pgh market. Love their staff….they make flying a little bit of fun in this crazy travel world we live in. I love their non-union mentality….let’s all pitch in and get the job done. The day I saw a pilot helping to clean….I knew this was the airline for me. Everyone seems to work together for the customer.

  • tall_guy

    the bar code took me to App brain not the market… is this right?

  • John

    @ron QFT!
    They are the only airline that is run well. There is not a quicker boarding process in the industry and no one turns a plane in 25 minutes accept SWA. They also have more comfortable seats than anyone…I only wish the wifi was free. :)

  • TF

    Garbage app for a garbage airline. Everybody turns a plane over in 25 minutes. And they don’t make you sit 3-a-side in a tiny jet that should only have 2-a-side to begin with. The fact they bought ScareTran speaks volumes of their quality.

  • Gud

    What about DING?

  • Eric

    JetBlue is awesome.

  • djfusion

    sounds like tf is a little sour. maybe he didnt get hired when he applied with them.

  • TF

    Sounds like djfusion isn’t aware that there’s plenty of airlines that are far cheaper and don’t herd you like cattle. Way to make assumptions about my work tho… too bad I work for a multi-national BANK and could care less about that shit airline.

  • cwa

    When I use the flight status function, if a plane is delayed, it says “delayed”, but it does not give you the new estimated arrival time. When I checked the same flight on the website it said “delayed” and then it gave you a new “actual” as the new estimated arrival time. Any thoughts?