Dear Verizon: Where is this Elusive HTC Merge? First Accessory Spotted

We’ve seen the thing in retail store inventories, cellebrite systems, we’ve just gotten a look at the first snap-on cover, hell, Verizon’s even shown it on their own site and Android Central had a device of their own to look at. So where is this HTC Merge, Verizon? Why must you play this cruel game with our hearts? We hope you really were waiting to release it so you could make it a world phone with radios for your LTE network because nothing else explains why we’ve been hearing about the Merge for nearly four months now (since it first broke cover as the mysterious “ADR6325VW” on the Incredible’s USB cable.) But if you take too long, the “Incredible HD” is just going to steal all of its thunder. Yea, we know about that too. (You leak like a sieve.) Get on it!

thumb_550_htc-merge-case (1)

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  • Eric

    Hell, I played with one over a month ago! Where is this thing?!

  • Reef

    This phone has been scraped, and will not be released.

  • ToastnJam

    Even better question is: Dear Verizon, when the hell is my 2.2 Froyo update for my Fascinate?? You’re putting out low/mid level phones with 2.2 STOCK and you can’t update my Fascinate already? Argh!

  • Drew

    @Reef why do you say it’s been scrapped when there is a new story about new accessories now available?

  • Reef

    Accessories are tested and along with the devices. It is not uncommon to see this during testing. All I can say is this device was pulled from any further testing and will not be released.

  • iamsteventucker

    @ Reef well according to the HTC rep you’re full of shit

  • ckeegan

    HTC should pull this device, and then punch themselves in the face for going backwards from the keyboard on the Touch Pro2.

  • Reef

    LOL! Well then sit back and wait all you want mt friend. Just was giving some inside info. Take it for what it is worth. Would be fpolish to release another 3G device this close to a 4G launch……..

  • ToastnJam

    While it would be foolish, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities….after all look at the Incredible. Hasn’t been out 6 months and they’re due to release the Incredible HD soon. Same goes with the Galaxy 2 series that are due out early next year.
    It certainly wouldn’t be unheard of, especially since millions of Verizon customers won’t have access to the new “LTE” service for at least another year.

  • Adam

    There is an ad in the new entrepreneur magazine that features the merge

  • Satsu

    I thought this phone was CDMA/LTE… Hence the name “Merge.” No?

  • Reef

    The merge was CDMA only. It did not have the LTE chip set.

  • ergw

    Its releasing before christmas and iv’e already heard of someone who has talked to a VZW rep. confirming it… Its a Q4 2010 phone, why wouldnt they release it around Christmas??

  • Saneok

    I would love a leak of the list of all accessories like for the Incredible before it was released. Wanna plan beforehand what case (if any) im going to get.

  • austin

    i thought it was a cdma/gsm worldphone thats why they called it the merge. and if vz scrapped it they did a really really bad job of keeping it under wraps before they did

  • Really?!?!?
  • zerocool

    @ ergw
    VZW reps don’t know that far in advance, unless it was someone that works with developement. I work for vzw and they tell us about device launches typically a week before, if that. So regular vzw reps would have the same information that everyone here does.

    I hope it comes out because it would definately be a good phone for us.

  • Dee

    One would think that this phone would be out by now (since xmas is in another couple weeks & LTE launched on 12/5). Does vzw release phones on a particular day of the week or is it just random days?