AT&T Confirms Olympus for December or January, then Quickly Recants Statement


Well, looks like one of the social networking monkeys over at AT&T just let a biggie slip and got yelled at for it. In response to a question regarding the rumored Motorlola Olympus phone – which has a Tegra 2 processor and which Gizmodo’s lucky source says is an absolute iPhone killer – someone from AT&T’s AT&T Share account posted the following message:

“Hi Scott,

The Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January. Check back here for device launches or visit for our latest devices.


And not too long of a wait later, it vanished. Instead, AT&T had this to say:

“This response was posted erroneously. We don’t have any information to share about upcoming devices.”

All the fine makings of a big public relations screw up, and the firmest confirmation of the device’s existence that we can conjure up to date. I hope that pour soul who manned the Facebook account hasn’t gotten fired over this. I mean, it can’t be worse than a Verizon employee leaving a Droid X inside of a corporate gym, right? Right? [via BGR]


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  • scott

    This bad boy needs to be out for vzw not att , first

  • SoKal26

    <———agrees with Scott….2nd. ;p

  • Super Troll

    Why is it that every phone that comes out is called an “iphone killer”? I think many android phones that have come out are already “iphone killers” or way better than the iphone. The EVO would be my first choice! It would win against an iphone! Then theres the Epic, DROID X, G2, DROID 1&2 and many other Android devices. Mainly because they have Android in the first place which is waaay better that iOS. Then theres the cool features they have.

  • Super Troll

    [in addition to my previous comment]

    …. that the iphone doesnt!

  • A.L.

    Well Just Maybe At&t has listen to it’s customers, like Bell did. Don’t worry Vzw you can soon buy the IPhone 4G. LMAO

  • dork

    hope there’s no blur.

  • investigator

    It Probably Has Regular Cartoon Motoblur. Verizon’s Will Have PhilBlur

  • iamsteventucker

    Moto rep told me that AT&T is getting it first because they aren’t working on any 4G til next year, thus they’re getting a 3G version, basically a B-Team Olympus, and for VZW it will be LTE

  • rip

    Is this another gingerbread fake leak type of bullcrap?

  • Bod1ggity

    Yah, a T2 with motoblur… think ill wait till the Dual Core 1.5’s come out for HTC… Screw motorola.

  • Twenty4

    Just confirm the shit already, give me a reason to stay with AT&T for another month or two! I am tired an the shitty phone selection.

  • Hotmann

    Will definitely be getting this! My upgrade is primed and ready, just waiting for the right devices to use it on. Plus, with this phone being such a powerhouse I’m sure a boatload of non-motoblur roms will be available (crossing my fingers for an easily hackable bootloader…).

  • LoweringSkies

    What the….why don’t you just strap an Andriod tablet to your head…that thing is hugangous!!!

  • Moses

    Agree with troll. My g2 is much better in most aspect than the iphone 4 except screen quality and media. Besides those two things my g2 beats out the iphone 4 in every way

  • Eazail70x7

    iPhone killer on AT & T?? Say it ain’t so!!!!

  • Willie

    Why need a powerful graphic processor, to run live wallpapers? Android is not even close to being graphically polished for such a need.

  • Twenty4

    @ willie
    It’s not so much “need” as it is WANT!!

  • Jeff

    I have been able to update to a new phone from verizon since March now. I heard about the new dual core phones that are going to be coming out back then and decided to wait it out. There is no way I am getting the crummy iphone when it goes to verizon. I am getting either Incredible HD or Mecha, The motorola Olympus-or whatever the verizon version is called, or either the HTC dual core phone the Scorpian (which is also called many other things). The only one good thing about the iphone is it looks sexy but thats all the potential it has.

  • Techy

    @twenty4 You are so so so right!

  • jc

    wow, another Galaxy S wannabe. Why do they all suddenly look like the Galaxy S? I guess that’s fine because I like they way it looks lol

  • austin

    if it is motorola….. it is blur…. if it is blur…. it has a locked bootloader…….. FML

  • DarkDroid

    Well think about this. I mean that one post from the person who was maning the facebook account probably just drummed up a great deal of chatter on the net. That coupled with the fact that they are now going to be increasing sales due to the fact that there is a possiblity that they will be getting it. I think it’s just another publicity stunt if you want the truth.

    Ah well, either way if it wasn’t a pubilicty stunt it’s going to turn out to be a huge revenue generator for the company.

  • DroidExtreme

    yo i say if att woulda took the backflip and equipped it with adroid 2.2 out of the factory and made it video chat capable that phone would be the shit, that would be the perfect phone, infact they should make a backflip 2, to do what they shoulda did the first time