G2 Free at Best Buy

For those of you that thought 50 bones for the G2 was a crazy sweet deal, your socks are about to be rocked. Best Buy is offering the G2 for a mere $free with a new two year contract.
G2 Free Best Buy

This deal is only happening today and tomorrow as part of the Cyber Monday sales, which means online only!
Free G2

[via TmoNews]

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  • Rab Jacksin

    But sprint and evo are better [sponsored post]

  • andulas


  • 2FR35H

    Nice now how is it for upgrades?

  • Chris

    You can also get the deal in-store as well but they have to ship the phone to your house through their instant ship program. You also get the deal if you are upgrading.

  • Santonio Gates

    i have an iPhone

  • Blake

    $120 when upgrading your line. This is only a deal for a brand new contract. sad face.

  • Moonmeat

    Damn. Was gonna hold out for the nexus s as my first smartphone, but I might just jump on with this deal

  • http://turbosix.net turbosix.net

    i would totally jump on this if i were able to use the upgrade available for my second line on my family plan… i pay for that line for my grandma and she’s perfectly happy with her dumbphone.

    has anyone been able to use an upgrade without them forcing you to add a data plan to the line? i was told i couldnt use her upgrade without doing that, which is pretty shitty considering im extending the contract anyway..

  • http://www.freeringers.net teckel

    I’m going to have my wife buy this, then I’ll cancel as soon as I get the phone and pay the $200 early termination fee and get a G2 for $235, about half off.

  • moonwalker

    i dont get it. i want to upgrade and just extend my existing plan and it says the device requires one of the following add-ons

    Required 4G Web Access – 200MB $10.00 per month
    4G Web Access – Unlimited $30.00 per month
    4G Web Access – 200 MB $0.00 per month
    4G Web Access – Unlimited $0.00 per month

    the bottom one is unlimited and it costs $0.00?