Motorola Olympus Going to Verizon as the LTE-Equipped Etna?

BGR’s dropped a quick bit regarding the Motorola Olympus slate that we believe broke cover recently. The device – which we believe is heading to AT&T as the Olympus – could also be going to Verizon, but it currently has a different codename: the Motorola Etna. Their source states it’s powered by Tegra 2 and should be launching in February or March and should house Verizon’s new radios to take advantage of their LTE network. Aside from the small tidbit that it’s “very fast, and the new screen is beauitful,” that’s all we have to go on. While a CES announcement for these phones may not be in order, I suspect we’ll at least be hearing about them in informal fashion as NVIDIA will be eager to show off the very processor that powers them.


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  • booyah

    dig the name.

  • Mike

    I like it. I hope it ships with Stock Android. If this comes to Verizon with Stock android, Lte, and a front facing camera it will be my next phone. We shall see.

  • Mike

    Another point. I like to see this side by side with that LG T2. They look very alike and I wonder how they will compare.

  • ted

    looks like it has a front facing camera. Droid ETNA, OR DROID H.D. INCREDIBLE……. damn it I want both! Which One?

  • JAG

    OMG this is gettin better everyday!

  • Ali

    I am really digging this and the Incredible HD.. But only one problem; as a current Incredible owner, I have come to LOVE the optical trackpad and cannot see myself using a phone without it anymore. It is so helpful, ESP when testing/emailing/typing in general!

    Does anyone else feel the same way?!

  • andulas

    isnt there alrdy an anroid phone named the etna from lg?

  • TechieGirl

    @Ted : I would recommend the HTC over the MOTO as I believe MOTO UI is, for lack of better term, blah. I own a DROID X and wish I had the HTC SENSE UI.

  • Dan

    i would rather see a nexus with tegra 2 than this

  • robklaus

    This wont shit with vanilla will it? Looking at the home button it looks like a blur type phone /lame

  • DJHero2

    If MOTO could only incorporate HTC’s awesome Sense UI then I’ll be sold. I’m not fond to MOTO’s Blurr UI or any sort…now if there is an HTC Droid Incredible that’s 4.5 inch, dual core, and NVIDIA…how too good to be true…one could only dream…(hint hint HTC)

  • hellodroid

    Sounds great but that new sense on the incredible HD just looks too polished, and from what I’ve seen on moto blur, there’s no comparison…if the incredible HD comes out first I will pick that up over the Etna, if they both come out at the same time then ill test run both, but the incredible HD has me hooked

  • Jdubu89

    I can’t wait for this especially if it comes to verizon I got the fascinate now which is great but there’s new talent in town

  • mwl1119

    Droid 4G

  • Mensahwatts

    I hope it truly is a moto phone. they were the first to make a Droid so I think it will be. Looks like a bad ass phone…can’t wait to wait to buy it lol

  • Dp

    Motorola is far more solid than HTC anyday it’s funny people think HTC has a better UI. Compare How many actual “Droids”each has obviously Motorola is doing something right. Verizon knows what there doing just hope they don’t put it off too long

  • Mike

    The only reason I prefer Moto is because of battery life and build quality. I love the look and feel of HTC. I even prefer sense over the other overlays, but HTC phones just have terrible battery life. Samsung at least got that right. HTC devices need to bring it in that area. The HTC Incredible got ranked the worst in battery life. I use my smartphone a lot. I have the Droid OG, but I am willing to part with Motorola for a stock android device that is up to spec. Hopefully this Nexus S device will be coming to all the carriers. Also I hope that LG goes with stock because their flagship looks great too.

  • cuethree

    Great idea, will we see it in New Zealand in 2012!

  • ted

    @techiegirl. Points taken. Thank You. My work phone happens to be a droid incredible which i love minus the battery life, even with an extended one I’m broke on power at the end of the day. Personal phone is the First droid from Day one…..& now I’m waiting. L.T.E/4G is going make both of them more then decent. Does anyone know more on the hardware specs on the H.D. Incredible?

  • aberkae

    Wasent Motorola preaching something about a 2ghz or dual core phone to launch in late 2010? And now its late q1 2011?
    HTC is very quite compared to LG, Motorola, even Acer and Samsung; all coming out with high end phones within the next few months.

  • VZRep

    There’s no way this will ship with Vanilla Android. None of the carriers will ever ship a smartphone with Vanilla, ever. Vanilla means free tethering, which is baaaaad for the networks, but also for profits. I’d put money on it coming with Motoblur.

  • Capt. VZW

    The name Etna is said to have originated from a Phoenician word attuna meaning “furnace.” Thank you Wikipedia!