Tablet Tuesday: Binatone HomeSurf 8 Hits FCC, Notion Ink Adam Site Live, Advent Vega Shipping

Tablet Tuesday kicks off with the Notion Ink Adam’s website going live, but much like the promotional video we saw released for the tablet yesterday, it doesn’t give us a whole lot about the device itself. It’s a good thing leaks were numerous and plenty on this thing because we already know a lot about it: Tegra 2, a Pixel Qi display, and more to make up what should be a decent tablet experience when it makes its way to shelves sometime soon.

Reports are coming in that folks are finally beginning to receive their Advent Vega tablets. It was feared that orders wouldn’t go considering how fast availability disappeared, leading most to believe it wasn’t supposed to be put up for order yet, but it turns out the thing was just so popular that it sold out the same day it was put up for sale. Those of you who were able to jump on it should be seeing it on your doorsteps sometime soon.


Finally, Binatone has an 8-inch tablet dubbed the “HomeSurf 8″ that got its mugshots taken for FCC clearance. It will have an SVGA (800 x 600) touchscreen – odd, yes – but that’s all we know about this thing for now. We never imagined there’d be tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio, but we’ll be on the lookout for more information regardless.

[via Digital Reader, Notion Ink, EuroDroid]

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  • Sierra


  • John

    “We never imagined there’d be tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio”

    Actually seems quite logical to me – tall enough to read most webpages, and fits the aspect ratio for a lot of videos on the web.

  • CanadianCow

    NO! the adam ink got fatter….

    I was hoping for that thin bezel design like the prototype, now it has a massive frame.

    Is that a deal breaker? hmmmm

    If the Wifi version with pixel Qi is less that 500 bucks I would be the first in line.

    Wonder if they will they ship to Canada?

  • Mike

    When is this Adam tablet coming out? if ever? I have seen it rumored for quite some time but if they don’t hurry up they will miss the boat.

  • mthguy

    anyone notice that on the tech specs part of the site it says and i quote

    “Bonus mystery feature ;)” <- in italics.

    how cool is that!

  • RebelScum

    “We never imagined there’d be tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio” Actually, there is this one that’s been out quite a while with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It’s called the iPad. Maybe you’ve heard if it?

  • Richard Hauser

    What happened to the touchpad on the back of the Notion Ink Adam?! I thought that was the true genius of the design. I hate trying to select text with my finger. It also would allow it to use all the flash-based websites. Arrrgh! I hope I’m just missing it.

  • Aditya

    Its going to be out anytime now. I am so desperate for this to come out. Been waiting for ages i guess for a decent tablet for the right price. this just hits bulls eye.

  • mike

    I ordered one from Fingerhut and they will get them on Dec. 17th.

  • dane

    i orderd on about three months ago an. they told me that it will get to me on the third of december but then they sent a noe stateing that the home surf tablet wiil arive on 1/02/2011. but the next day it came.

  • dane

    it is a very sleek device but it is a little slow starting up. it is like a over sized android phone.wich i allready have one.

  • Tacy

    Got our HomeSurf tablet and can’t get it to connect to our Verizon 2200 MiFi. What gives?? Anyone have a solution or do we send it back to Fingerhut?