Samsung Continuum Source Code Released

Verizon’s Samsung Continuum – the Galaxy S phone with a smaller main display to make room for that “cool” ticker display beneath it – has had its source code released and ready for developers to download. I wonder if some of the folks at XDA can do some cool stuff with that ticker display. Probably not. Samsung isn’t even releasing an official API for it. For shame. [via AC]


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  • Russell holly

    As per GPL v2, their “proprietary” technology will be withheld. Samsung already released an official statement on this…

  • Franz

    Phone just looks weird…

  • Keller Shmeller

    I pity the fool who buys this pos that is doa

  • ToastnJam

    The ticker display on this thing makes zero sense to me. Weather, time, stock prices, news, whatever is already on one of the 7 main screens on every stock Galaxy S device. One or two swipes to the left or right and you’re good to go. The thing is pointless and the novelty of it will wear off quickly for whoever buys this crappola.

  • Mensahwatts

    Sheesh looks like it doesn’t have a chance…poor phone