Original DROID Getting Official 2.2.1 Update Soon? Motorola Seeking Testers


Word just came in via Kellex from Droid-Life that Motorola is alerting their Motorola Feedback Network members about an incoming upgrade for the original Motorola Droid in order to get some pre-release feedback. Gingerbread, you say? Unlikely. It wasn’t too long ago that the upgrade to Android 2.2.1 – a very minor update – was leaked for the phone, and we’d put most of our money on this being the same thing. (And we say “most” of our money because if it does end up being Gingerbread, we’ll need to have cash for new underwear as we’ll have soiled our pants. It’s a win/lose situation, in that case.)


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  1. So does anyone know what this update does yet?

  2. Just a guess, but I’ll bet and box of donuts (that I won’t eat if I win) that the update will add Verizon VCast Aps to the large number of Droids out there.

  3. how about be able to move apps to SD card!!! memory space taking a beating…also how about so more nice juicy details to make this update worth it!

  4. kevin, what are you talking about? 2.2 has apps2sd.

  5. THANKS didn’t know that will check it out. twitter app and google earth been killing me!

  6. is it in the android market? there are certain apps that won’t allow over to the sd?

  7. What I’d like to know is where is the update that fixes my buggy as hell 2.2 droid x? Anyone know?

  8. Yet again motorola is way behind Cyanogen Mod, 6.1 is 2.2.1 and has had release candidates out for quite a while. You would think folks getting paid to do this would work a little harder.

  9. Kevin, apps2sd function is native to 2.2 BUT the developer must code the app to allow it. If they don’t that’s where you need root + apps2sd via a 3rd party developer in order to force the move.

  10. Oh almost forgot, menu/settings/applications/manage applications from your homescreen and you can check all your installed apps. Some may not have installed to the SD card by default but they may allow you to use the “move to SD card” button.

  11. So ummm yea what is this update suppose to do? Only thing the motorola droid is missing is a better processor idk what else is left to add to froyo.

  12. I’m looking forward to this update. I already have 2.2 but bug fixes are very welcome. I find no matter what launcher I do or don’t use the home-screen is very sluggish about loading. New features and stuff are great, but I much prefer a maintenance upgrade to make it all a lot smoother. Is there a reason to upload vcast apps for us. The Droid OG has been around awhile. We should all be looking at an upgrade soon. I know I am come July. I am eye-ing the nexus S or that new LG phone. I can’t say I am a Samsung fan, but I prefer stock android and I will pick up the device that has it on Verizon.

    Has anyone considered that Google will sponsor one phone on each carrier as a Nexus something? Nexus S for T-mobile. Nexus LG for Verizon and so on? I think Google should try and make sure that there is one or two high end options with Stock that they control on every carrier.

    What do you guys think?

  13. @Mike not going to happen. I doubt there will ever be a phone like the Droid OG on verizon again. Verizon does not want that.

  14. @Mike Don’t eyeball those phones. They’ll be old news by July.

    I’m gonna hold my breathe for something with a 1.5 – 2 GHz processor, LTE/4G connectivity, 4-ish inch screen, and, of course, a physical keyboard.

  15. why? why? tell me why I bought a f*** milestone???
    we (europeans) are still waiting for froyo!!!

  16. Agree with noggy. Motorola an absolute joke in Europe. When the f**k are we gonna get froyo for the OG? Absolute disgrace.

  17. OG Droid user, can’t wait for an LTE-capable handset with dual cores and FFC! Need an IR flash so we can take night pics, too!

  18. Yea I kinda agree we should get a maintenance upgrade with some changes for 2.2.1

  19. Many of us who run w/ rooted Droid’s have been using 2.2.1 for quite some time now. There’s nothing substantially different between 2.2 and 2.2.1 that I can think of. However, the 2.2.1 ROMS I’ve tried have been the fastest/smoothest ROMS I’ve ever used.

  20. How about wifi that actually works on corporate networks! This used to work in 2.1 but they broke it in 2.2 (I know there are fixes if you change the setting on the access point but that is not realistic in the real world where you cannot expect to be able to change how a company handles it’s security) This is a major phone feature I paid for that Motorola refuses to fix even after many people have been complaining for months.

  21. Just got 2.2; it’s supposed to support microsoft exchange server calendar sync – does it? If so, how do I set it up on my Moto Droid?

  22. I’m running a Milestone (the GSM Droid) running the unofficially-released 2.2.1 build, rooted and running at 800. It’s fantastic compared to the original stock device, it really is. I think Moto aren’t releasing it because nobody would want a new handset…

    The Milestone sadly never got the level of support the original Droid did, because it was locked down from the start, just like the Droid X etc that came along later.

    If you’re running a Milestone, and you’re happy rooting or using flashing tools, you should really think about tracking down that upgrade, or complain to Motorola until they finally release it.

  23. I wish the update would be shooting Video with continuous autofocus :(
    Anyone know is there any software for it currently?

  24. Um. Would you mind sharing with us where you got 2.2.1 for the Milestone, Grellani? It would be handy to know here to look.

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