T-Mobile UK Confirms its Xperia X10 Lineup to See Android 2.1 Update Next Week


While hope continues to be dashed that Sony Ericsson might actually produce a worthwhile Android handset, at least they have finally made good on their word to upgrade the aging Xperia X10 lineup to a newer (but not the latest) version of the operating system. Hey, Android 2.1 is better than nothing, and next in line to get it for the Xperia handsets are users on T-Mobile UK.

A tweet confirmed that those users with the big boy X10 and the Mini Pro should have Android 2.1 sometime next week.

[via Eurodroid]

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  • henk janse

    in the line of expectation, many flagship phones are 2,2 and 2.3 is eminent. than Sony releases her 2.1 update. the wanna be leader of android phones. don’t make me laugh.

  • mindo

    Did anyone expect anything more from the company that gave you a free rootkit with your music?