Acer Liquid E Gets Android 2.2 Upgrade

Acer Canada’s just released Android 2.2 for their Acer Liquid E on a couple of carriers – Rogers and Fido – in Canada. Your average Joe will probably have to stop into a local location to get their upgrade applied, but you won’t have to wait for an OTA upgrade as this is an old-fashioned download, transfer, and install process. Head on over to Acer Canada for the goods. [via AC]

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  • PimpStrong

    Wow my Vibrant is almost in last place now.

  • GyratoryTech

    Well it’s great to see that someone is using proper grammar.

  • http://None Chris

    Well I did the 2.2 Android upgrade to my Rogers Liqiid E and now I cannot get Bluetooth to turn on – so frustrating……

  • drizzo613

    Rogers Liquid E, other than the Wifi Hotspot and 10.1 flash I have no idea how this upgrade has imprved my phone. If anything it is probably slower than before

  • jk

    lucky…! my poor captivate

  • Aeok18109

    @Pimp Strong


    just saying lol

  • Pimpstrong

    I’m TRYING to use the official 2.2 cuz I’m not into the ROMs. My phone runs fine without the Lag Fix and it’s not buggy. I just want JIT and Flash already.

  • Kash55

    I upgraded mine and its great. Improved battery life, improved touch, just over much more snappier

  • Gdroid

    Froyo is amazingly cool on liquid E but when are we getting 2.3?

  • Elmalik

    Hi guys. need help tried to upgrade to 2.2 on my acer liduid e but cant i have downloaded all the required files and copied them in the memory card and then when it ask to hold volume + cam button and press on/off key nothing works and actually cant even turn it back on, anyone have a solution (besides changing phones lol) ???

  • Muzaffer Yarkılı

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  • Muzaffer Yarkılı

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  • Muzaffer Yarkılı

    nasıl yüklicez yavşak

  • James

    The Acer site doesn’t have any sort of DL link for the 2.2, and it still hasn’t come through in my auto updates.. wtf?