SIM-Free Motorola Milestone 2 Headed to the UK This Week, Subsidized for Vodafone

The Motorola Milestone 2 – everyone’s version of the Droid 2 outside of the US – is finally headed for retail shelves in the UK, this week, with Expansys being one of note to offer it for 380 pounds coming up. The phone will be SIM-free, of course, and ordering one will net you free shipping and a free car kit to go along with it, too, so don’t hesitate to bite the bullet on this purchase if you’ve already been thinking about it. If you prefer a contract, Expansys is providing a subsidized deal with Vodafone where you can get the phone for free on a 24 month, 30 pounds/month tariff. [via EuroDroid].milestone2

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  • zed

    if only they offered some kind of trade in for my original milestone

  • msgnyc

    That would actually be a pretty good deal for any carrier to have honestly zed.
    Get an even more $ off for trading in your previous handset. I like that.
    Don’t know if I’d ever trade in my old phone tho. I collect phones like shoes and hats. Dif one for dif outfits. haha
    I LOVE the Magic because of the multiple housings available for the unit. I have 2 of every color housing with a few custom airbrushed ones. ;)