Verizon Galaxy Tab Coming to Costco for $589.99


Looking to save a whopping ten bucks on your Samsung Galaxy Tab purchase for Verizon? We’ve just been hit up with a screen grab of Costco inventory showing that the tablet will be selling for $589.99, down from VZW’s $599.99. The Tab is off-contract but you will need to cough up the cash for at least one month of data at the time of purchase. November 19th is the date you can expect to find the Galaxy Tab on Costco’s shelves.

[thanks Wireless Fool!]

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  • PimpStrong

    Wow… $10

  • Al

    Is this costco circa 1985? This screen looks straight out of Wargame

  • Peter

    Best Buy is having a $50 off the Galaxy Tab on Nov 26 during the Black Friday.

  • whosani

    Too expensive. Should be $300 (at most), $400 for 3G service equipped tabs

  • Steven Skwarkowski


  • Troy

    I just heard the Tab doesn’t have a usb port on it. I thought it did. Does anyone know?

  • ремонт

    Does anyone know?

  • Kevin Schram

    Galaxy Tab does not have a USB port on it.