Pocket Legends Beta – an MMORPG – is now Available for Android



Another milestone has been hit for Android gaming: a new 3D MMORPG for the  OS called Pocket Legends is now available. This game has been in closed beta status for quite some time, but it’s finally being pushed out to the general public so that we can take a look at it. The 30MB download requires Android 2.1+ and you’ll need to have at least an Edge connection to play. (Sorry, Motorola i1 owners.) Here’s a full list of the game’s features.

  • 3 Classes to choose from: Archer, Enchantress (Healer/Buffer basically), and Warrior
  • Tons of items, armor, sets and skills
  • Great 3D graphics and original sounds/music
  • Multiplayer games to join or host yourself
  • Swipe and Tap controls (including a Virtual Joystick for movement)
  • 3G, Edge, Wifi connections
  • Android 2.1+ required
  • 30MB in size

I haven’t jumped into it myself, but being the big gamer that I am, I’ll be sure to do that before the day is over. DroidGamers likens the game to Diablo 2, except it looks a lot less intimidating and it has a character that looks just like our green mascot! Microtransactions will be a big part of the experience, of course, so get ready to throw down some real world dollars if you want to get better faster in this game.

pocket legends android 1

It’s also a cross platform title that’ll allow you to play with folks on iOS devices. That should ensure there will be no shortage of dungeon crawlers to do your bidding with. (And how cool would it be to take an Android mascot into an area filled with iOS owners?)

Check it out now in the Android market by searching “Pocket Legends” or by scanning/touching the QR Code below.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Downloading as soon as I get somewhere I can. I’m very very interested :3

  2. Downloading it now. :) See how it works on the Vibrant

  3. I’ve played this on the iPad… it’s pretty fun, if a bit ‘lite’. Definitely worth checking out.

  4. Been waiting on this for a while. Runs smooth as butter on my Epic.

  5. plays really good on my Vibrant and is tons of fun!!! lots of people in the game to so there should be plenty of folks to hook up with.

  6. This looks really good. I know I was addicted to Zenonia till I beat it. Took forever. I hope Zenonia 2 comes soon. Till then I’ll give this a go.

  7. Not in the Market and Q Code doesn’t bring it up either. Running Vibrant 2.1

  8. I agree with Jamm, it’s not in the market. At least not on my phone. Eris running stock 2.1

  9. Eh played for about 30 seconds. Too furry for me.

  10. I’m downloading this game as I type, looking for a good online multiplayer and I think I found it!

  11. Me want now but its not showing up in the market rooted evolution running cm6

  12. Runs perfect on my Incredible

  13. It’s on market Vibrant USA 2.1.

  14. I can’t get it to install. Running Vibrant with 2.2

  15. If they pop out a Pokemon MMORPG, I will start getting into them.

  16. Zenonia is so good, Zenonia 2 is an awesome sequel (iOS) and I can’t wait for Zenonia 3, Too bad primary Android users have to wait, also this game is okay. :S

  17. Looks great on Fascinate.

  18. I got no space left. Uninstalled some apps and put everything on SD that had the option to do so. So where would i put another 30 MB? (though i guess part of that would go onto the sd too)

    I’m gonna try it if I can ;) Looks nice – I’m not a gamer though, angry birds does it for me.

  19. 30 MB? Does it have App 2 SD? Nexus One internal memory is too small otherwise. I hope N2 addresses this problem.

  20. downloading now pumped! evo running cm 6.1.0

  21. It is not found in my Market. :( (i am on a droid ERIS..)

  22. Runs smooth on Vibrant 2.1

  23. soon to cause more accidents than texting while driving.

  24. sorry but here is a noob question as i just got a fascinate but whats an edge connection?

  25. @Ryan quick answer: data connection weaker than 3g

  26. It’s always nice to see more quality games in the market.

  27. @Dan thanks for the info man

  28. Runs OK on my HD2 running Darkstone Desire HD (unmount SD card to install).

  29. Runs fine on N1. When used in Froyo, it uses 13.7MB memory, so the rest must be in the SD.

  30. Awesome game! Works perfect on HTC Desire (ROM AuraxTSense 8.0, Vodafone, Romania).

  31. Meh. Stupid game. And badly designed menus, I couldn’t even properly exit the game, menus weren’t drawing correctly, and each screen had a different layout / design for some reason. Very poorly designed IMO. Motorola Droid.


  32. Can’t find this in the app market or by scanning the code, can someone link to an apk?

  33. @Ryan works great on Fascinate.

  34. Not in the market on the MT3G running 2.2. Yet another app that cannot run on the MT3G. Sigh. Where is my Nexus S?

  35. No luck installing on rooted Incredible with or without sd card mounted.

  36. can’t find it on the market for motorola cliq can I play on this phone? I’m not sure if its 2.1

  37. Is this still in the market? AppBrain has it listed but its not in the Android market. Keep getting item not found. On Droid Eris.

  38. on market on htc desire v2.2 (uk, orange). has move to sd.
    it’s 37megs. looks ok – hardly tried it yet but looks promising.

  39. It was really fun until I got to the levels where I had to pay…

  40. not in market place on captivate with at&t. cant play this or gameloft games, i really made a bad decision buying this phone…

  41. awesome game! and honestly, it is like a few bucks to play all levels, forever. not too bad guys.

  42. Is this available for the Droid Eris? I can’t seem to find it in the market. When I click on the link on-line, it says the file can not be found. Anyone have any info for the Eris?

  43. Please someone help I finally got 2.1 on my motorola cliq it installs fine but I get a blank black screen and its not in the market please help me ssomeone!!! I want to play been waiting forver

  44. Not on the market for HTC hero on Sprint either. Anywhere else I can get this that does-t link to Android market or appbrain?

  45. played fine till update now cant finish install, and update, anyone have a problem?

  46. this ish wont work with my sony ericcson xperia x10a
    i was able to download it from a thied party and then when i try to instal it wont let me it says it blocks anything thats not from the marketdamn damn damn well back to my i touch i should of got a i phone =(

  47. I have a huawei ascend, I kniw it could handle this game but it says not found. Wth? Someone plz comment ont this or [email protected] ty in advance

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