YouTube Remote Lets You Share Videos From your Phone to Your TV, Control YouTube Leanback

One of the cooler features of Google TV with the Logitech Revue is the ability to share YouTube content from your phone to your TV and control what you are watching from your handset using their Harmony Remote app. In similar fashion, the YouTube Remote app does much the same, though in a much more limited scope.


When you begin watching a video on your phone and are near a device (computer or TV) linked to your Google/YouTube account, the service will automatically send the video to the bigger screen and pick up where you left off. If you don’t want this process to be set to auto-pilot you can always disable the setting.

Where the YouTube remote falls short compared to the Harmony Remote is that it is limited to controlling YouTube Leanback alone. If you find yourself watching a lot of content via the new living room friendly version of YouTube (which in itself isn’t exactly catching on like wildfire), then this app might have some use for you with Google TV. But if you have the Logitech box, I don’t see any reason why you might prefer this app over their own remote. YouTube Remote is up in the market now, check it out at the QR below.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • UniqueNate

    I want to see Gingerbread.

  • marc

    Weird that you would post that comment here….

    will try this remote app out when i get home from work.

  • Sousafrui

    Can’t find it in the market . Is it country sensitiv?

  • Chris93036

    cool app. but you can only control videos you watch.. what about navigating somewhere else or turning up the volume? id rather just use my mouse.

  • ATLien

    You can search for other videos. You don’t have to just watch ones you’ve already seen, if that is what you mean. It is a nice app. I can sit back and rock my son to sleep and laugh at people walking into glass doors as he falls asleep. It’s great.

  • Ossar

    First off, gotta admit that i actually love android. But still, i can’t deny that, so far, the iPad is the best movie-watching-gizmo. As i see it it’s only bad feautre is the price, luckliy the internet is flooded with sites with iPads as the price, for example