HTC Legend Getting Android 2.2 “in the Coming Weeks”

HTC’s keeping their promise of delivering Froyo to all of their phones launched in 2010 as they’ve just confirmed – via Facebook – that the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the HTC Legend is going well and should be ready for consumption in the coming weeks. Those with the OEM-branded Legend will get it first, naturally, with carrier-specific versions coming sometime after that. We’ll be on the lookout whenever this finally goes down (hopefully before Christmas makes its way to the front of your calendar.)


[via The Unwired]

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  • Pochi

    Yes! At last!

  • GreenLeaf

    If legend users want to know what ‘in the coming weeks’ means in HTC time scale, ask any hero user! Google didn’t take this long to develop Froyo, and HTC are taking ages to modify it to suit their hardware. Pathetic HTC… pathetic!

  • Eric

    When I am told that all MyTouch 3G owners will be getting Froyo “Very Soon” back in July and it’s now November they should have worded it to say all MyTouch 3G owners will be getting Froyo “Aventually”

  • Furret

    Damn it… Black legend looks really badass and awesome… bad it is not sold everywhere…

  • Furret

    Lol… Mytouch 3G should be happy their outdated device is still promised to get something. Other phones of the same generation already bite the dirt from inside.

  • Pavoo

    err wat about htc aria?

  • papis

    That means we still getting The update on mt3g, yea!!

  • M_Mann

    What witch HTC Wildfire??

  • Peter Shen

    Why can’t the updates be equal to the latest releases? Peter,