Samsung Continuum Arriving at Verizon Stores


Verizon is taking shipments of the Samsung Continuum in preparation for a rumored November 11th launch, though no official announcement has yet been made. Thing are all leaning towards this device debuting next Monday at a Samsung event in NYC, despite everyone’s hope that we will see a Samsung Nexus S stock Android 2.3 device.

Anyone out there excited about this Galaxy S device with a Super AMOLED and secondary “ticker” screen and 1GHz Hummingbird?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  • Kellen

    That image says Android Life, Mr. K. Hah! :P

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Its not a bad phone but its a gimmick. instead of a phone length screen it gets split by a thick line near the bottom… sure it wouldnt be bad to have a notification screen but wouldnt the bigger screen be nicer?

  • Alexia- android lover

    The Samsung Continuum looks like a wonderful phone.I was going to switch from my Samsung Reality to the Samsung Fascinate(Galaxy S) but i visited this website fell in love with the soon to be upcoming Motorola Citrus and of course the Samsung Continuum. I am very excited for the arrival for this phone at Verizon.
    -A happy verizon user.

  • JMarti

    I really hope this isnt the device thats being announced on the 8th! A whole event for this one phone would be very disapointing. They should of made it one big screen.

  • Ratnok

    Lemme guess… BING.

  • Aztec

    So what is happening with the Fascinate..?

    it isn’t on this list

  • Don Cornelius


  • Lee


  • moii

    I’m happy this is the phone being announced next week :) and I’m not even gonna buy it lol

  • Bod1ggity

    Crap… screw Korea

  • 1asterisk

    I love glanceable info. Not even sure that’s a word. I hope its user friendly, ie; editable. I would prefer weather to stocks. BTW Bing on Droids is blasphemy.

  • ACR

    How big is this screen? Maybe it is aim for iphone owners.

  • DonnyDon

    Who in there right mind would get this instead of the 4inch Display Fascinate?????

    Give up a 1/2 inch of screen for a scrolling display at the bottom…..people dont be stupid!!!

  • john the lesser

    i certainly hope that they aren’t having an event to anounce a single carrier phone. that said, it does look like a nice phone, too bad it’s going to a crap carrier. yeah yeah they have “the network”, they also have a needle injected directly into your bank account and they like to suck their customers dry(in a bad way), while giving them attitude if they want info on upcoming merch.

  • 3 Phones


  • Paul

    Samsung over engineer sometimes, it would have just been easier to put a LED notification light on there Android phones.

    With this phone if you leave it on your desk & some one txt you will it display part of the txt, that could be very embarrassing.

  • CR@SH

    Im with Paul on this one. One of the key reasons I’m going with a Droid X instead of a Galaxy S phone is because sheer lack of notification light.