[Update: Droid 2 Global November 11th?] Droid Pro $179, Continuum $199, Merge on Nov 17th?


Ummm… eh? That’s all I could say when I saw this supposed pricing sheet for two of Verizon’s newest phones. The Samsung Continuum – according to a shot received by Engadget – will reportedly cost $20 more than the Motorola Droid Pro on contract, which will supposedly be $179. Rebates will probably be involved here, but it’ll still turn out to be cheaper than the Continuum.


They’ve also heard that the HTC Merge won’t be launching on November 11th like many of their other devices have been slated for. Instead, those waiting for it could be waiting nearly a week later as Engadget’s source tells them it’ll be dropping November 17th. Anyone else suddenly interested in the Droid Pro?

[Update]: New internal marketing tools also pegs the Droid 2 Global for a November 11th launch. Surprise surprise.

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  1. The Droid Pro looks like a definite Blackberry killer! Too bad I’m not on Verizon or I might have to take a look at it. ;)

  2. Too bad they put bing on the merge

  3. I don’t find any of these devices even remotely tempting me to leave my Droid X…fortunate, since I don’t have any upgrade eligible lines on my account. :)

  4. My wife wants a phone with a physical keyboard, and I love my Incredible so much that I’m sold on HTC–even with Bing as the default. Merge: here we come.

  5. Bing is the only reason I have a Droid Incredible now instead of waiting for the Merge.

    Well, getting it for free from Best Buy didn’t hurt.

  6. All these are garbage. The htc desireHD is coming to verizon this month. Right now I got the fascinate and its horrible

  7. If you have a Droid Incredible and absolutely love it, wait till the Incredible HD (aka Desire HD) is out, its coming thats for sure, and with it comes the new Sense, but Merge is rumored to have the new sense as well since it needs Landscape support and the only version of Sense for Android that supports landscape is *gasp* the new Sense from Desire Z/HD

  8. Merge is a great build. That keyboard is looking fantastic and should work for just about anyone. I will wait to see the reviews and whether BING can be ignored and worked around with Google apps.

  9. HTC builds garbage phones. The quality and feel is cheap.

  10. @Joshua
    That is only the ones that they build for T-mo. Ohh!

  11. Right, the Aria and Eris were the epitome of quality, LMAO!!

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