Phan Giveaway: Powermat with EVO 4G Receiver, Isotoner Gloves, and More!

It’s Tuesday! Did you think we were going to skimp on another giveaway? This week, we’re giving away more Isotoner gloves. Thanks to newfound knowledge that a lot of you guys freeze your butts off in the winter judging by the overwhelming response we got last week, we’ve decided to throw another pair into the mix! Check Rob’s video out from last week as he puts the gloves to the test:

But that’s not all. We’re filling the pot up this week since we made you guys wait so late in the day, so we’ll also be throwing in a full three-mat Powermat kit! Being able to bring your phone into the house and just drop it onto the table to start charging it is more convenient than you can imagine, and the Powermat’s induction charging system facilitates that beautifully. I’ve tested it with review units of the Samsung Fascinate and the Samsung Mesmerize using the cube charger and their universal charging kit, and it worked great! I didn’t have specific receivers for those units, however, so it’s not much different from having to search for that pesky wall charger.


I did have a receiver for my HTC EVO 4G, however, and while I’m sure it would’ve worked great, my charging port is busted and I couldn’t demonstrate it for you guys. Why not just give the receiver away, as well? I can’t use it! So whoever wins today’s giveaway will be doubly equipped for a seamless induction charging experience if they just so happen to own an HTC EVO 4G. [Note]: Winner’s items will be brand new in the box. I have an extra Powermat set that I used to take the photos. And yes, I know the single charging unit wasn’t plugged up. It’s for show!


And there’s even more. Rob’s currently experiencing jet lag as he’s back on the plane headed for Palo Alto, California for tomorrow’s Facebook Mobile event. In the event that he walks away from Facebook’s humble abode with any goodies, those will be included in the giveaway! All the more reason to stick to tomorrow morning (10:30 AM PST, 1:30 PM EST) for our coverage of whatever it is Facebook’s got in store for the mobile world.


We’ll also be hooking up today’s random winner with our current collection of Phandroid Gear: a Phandroid Bag, Phandroid Pens, Phandroid Stadium Cup, and some Phandroid Mints to keep your bot breath on the low. Future giveaways will feature our T-Shirts which we’re still working on (and Phandroid LIVE attendees can still expect to receive).


Today’s winner is guaranteed a lot of awesome stuff, and it doesn’t take much at all to enter. Glance over this very short list of things you need to do:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 2nd, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on November 3rd for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

We’ll be announcing last week’s winner shortly.

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  • chas percodani

    I needz some induction charging for my evo! Plus I love Quentyn long time.

  • wyldtek

    I’ll take it

  • David

    Me Please.

  • Covert_Death

    would be fun to use that stuff on my EVO, looks like a pretty good package guys! good job :)

  • ManiacalShen

    I’ll enter! These giveaways are pretty awesome.

  • ryan

    Awsome giveaways guys!!! Keep them up!!! I check your site every ten minutes every day even at work. I build MRI machines and luckily havent destroyed my droid yet!!!

  • Adrian P

    EVO 4G + Powermat = Ftw

  • Bryan

    I would like a lot of awesome stuff!

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  • Andrew

    Looks amazing!

  • Patrick

    Awesome! Good reading, and potentially free stuff.. can’t beat it.

  • JoeD

    I’ll get in on this!! Thanks.

  • Jonathan

    I would love any of these things! I read this site constantly, and the giveaways make it even better.

  • AndyL

    Hope I win, but good luck to all!

  • thickerchunk

    Whooo. My EVO Can Deff. Use This!

  • Duke S

    Oh,don’t bother wrapping them up, I’ll take them to go.

  • Al

    Oh sweet, first time entering!

  • Brian

    Great stuff for this give-away.

  • Alex

    Come on gloves. It’s cold on those Chicago train platforms!

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  • Aztec

    Wooo i NEED!!!!!!! RAAAAAAAA

  • Brandon

    Cool stuff!

  • Justjosh4

    In for the win!

  • joshua morris

    Love the site!

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    Sure i got an evo why not?

  • Bee

    Awesome stuff! I hope I win

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    I would love any of these great giveaways for my EVO 4G! :D

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    Hope I win!

  • Natalia

    Oh man, I just git the tweet about it…I hope I am not too late:)

  • Crystal

    Me, me, me!!!

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    Count me in!

  • Chris

    Please fix the picture for the epic…..i mean I HOPE I WIN

  • androidjosh

    This would make great early Christmas gift…For me! My Evo needs some new accessories.

  • GRRemlin

    Fingers Crossed! Maybe the charging mat will make my iPhone lovin’ GF love her new Evo a bit more!

  • dominick

    i need an evo upgrade!!

  • Anne

    I wanna win ….. :)

  • David B

    I just upgraded from the Hero to the Evo a few weeks ago. Those prizes are awesome! Hope I get picked!

  • bill

    This is amazing. who wouldn’t want this stuff?

  • clay

    free swag reminds me of my favorite kind of beer…

    Free and Free Light!

  • ToastnJam

    Thanks for all the giveaways Phandroid…you guys kick@ss!

  • Brian

    Pick me! :-)

  • Gary

    Awesome giveaways, been looking at a powermat for a while now but my wallet and bills keep telling me I can’t have one. Hopefully I can snag a free one!

  • Jason Nelms

    You guys rock!

  • timmyjoe42

    Good stuff!

  • Chris F

    Great stuff for my new EVO!

  • BrianR

    I’m in. Just make sure you pick me. ;)

  • Justin

    I hope I get it!! I hope I get it!

  • Reno

    What a wonderful birthday gift this would make for me….Hope I win!

  • Dawn

    Ooooh Oooooh Ooooh…Mista Kottah!

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  • Tom

    Yes, please.

  • Dawn

    Surely a lame impression of Arnold Horschack is bound to be chosen. :)

  • Elad

    pick me?

  • The Wrath

    Judging by the fact that nobody told me, I’m guessing I lost last week. Damn, cause it’s getting cold up here. So I’m all in this week.

  • Caspien

    Irony.. wife was just looking at the powermats over the weekend :) Consider this my entry :)

    Once again.. I consider phandroid one of my best bookmarks for daily checking :)

  • Conrad O’Brien

    This is Great!

    Thanks, Phandroid!!!

  • Erno

    AWESOME me.

  • Soufjerzz

    I would like to thank my fellow members of #teamevo for pointing me to

  • Chris

    Looks awesome. Yes please and thanks for the chance :)

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    YEs i want!

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    I hope I win :)

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  • Rich

    Dude, so cold in VA right now. Would love a pair of these.

  • JustReef

    Awesome stuff, great job!

  • Mike

    My EVO could use some of that inductive charging magic

  • Brian

    Imagine someone putting a plug into your ear every night…that’s how my EVO feels. Consider this my entry.


  • Ian

    Awwwwww, yeeeeahhhhhhhh! Help me through these cold Chicago winters!

  • adrian

    I called in from work for the phandroid giveaway!!!! And lo and behold your giving away something for my phone!!!! I’ll slap my momma for that powermat lol

  • Kyle

    This would be great to have, as I’m planning on picking up an Evo here in the near future.

  • Jason

    Android FTW

  • TrebleStauter

    This is exactly what my household needs! Many cables could stay in their plugs instead of shuffling and moving chargers every time we need one for work or in the next room. We have dreamed of a day we could have Powermat for our Evos!

  • Earle

    Be heading to Canada in December… burr…. Need gloves…

    Everything would be nice too… =)

  • John

    Yes please!

  • Steve

    This is relevant to my interests…and my EVO!

  • Cameron

    free stuff is awesome, freezing my hands off here.

  • Wayne May

    I want to trick out my EVO… With a battery this sucky, having a powermat would be awesome.

  • Anthony

    My hands are ice cold as I type… I can barely form a sentence!

  • Catherine B

    Wow! That’s alot of stuff for this week’s giveaway! I’m so glad to be able to get in my chance to win – and think I’d probably have a heart attack if I did – but I’ll take my chances – Thanks! :)

  • Ben W.

    Me Wanty Powermaty!

  • uscarlos

    Fingers crossed, battery thirsting for juice.

  • http://phandroid Big Os

    I need this, please!

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    Make me the winner Phandroid!

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    Pick me and I will make your wildest dreams come true

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    Awesome giveaway.

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    24 years old :)

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    I just get more and more excited about this site and who doesn’t love giveaways?!

  • Miguel Sanchez

    I can’t wait to mod the powermat system into the isotoners so I can have a Powerglove for my Nintendo emulator.

  • Ryan

    I have been dieing to try the power mat out. oo ooo pick me *raises hand* me me oo ooo me pick me. LOL

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    What a great idea to stir up web traffic!

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    Me too,what they said! 27 degrees this morning in Harrisburg, PA. WHATS UP WITH THAT?

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    I voted today !!

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    I’m getting an Evo this week, a PowerMat charger to go with it would be awesome!!

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    Spiffy keen, thanks for running these nifty giveaways.

    On a side note, I love my old isotoner gloves, but they’re finally falling apart on me after more than a decade =(

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    You guys are awesome to treat your fans with your giveaways! I can sure use a Powermat to charge up my phone and would always love the Phandroid logo gear!

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    I would love those gloves, use my incredible durin snowball fights, perfect

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    im new to the website and think its awesome that you guy’s do giveaways.

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    I would love to power up cordless please!!

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    Looking forwarding to using my new Power Mat!!!

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    Phandroid is my hero!

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    Do want. Can has? If I put up a pretty cat picture would that sway your mind?

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    I need me some gloves :D

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    Do Want!

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    nice as i’m seriously considering purchasing an EVO within the month

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    Can you throw in some Gingerbread too!

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    Could really use this stuff, thanks!

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    sure is getting cold, would love some gloves…thx

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    Please me!!!!

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    i love free stuff

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    rock on phandroid!


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    My Evo would love to be treated with more accessories, Evo is treated well with gifts Lol

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    Power Mat + Gloves = Save the Princess

  • Fred Davis

    Power and warmth are both nice ideas…

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    I want it

  • Mike N.

    Let’s do this!

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    Fingers crossed!

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    You guys always have the best giveaways!

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    This is great, thanks Phandroid.

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    Cool site

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    Those gloves seem pretty sweet!

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    Please pick me! I love Phandroid! I voted for you in the mobile awards! You guys rock!

  • justreboot

    Wow thats some snazzy stuff… I’ll give most of the goodies to the wife (she deserves it!)

  • Cameron

    Yo, I want me some Facebook swag!

  • brewer

    good luck to all!
    I hope I win!!
    I love the evo, I preordered it and got it on the release date :)

  • Exqueezme

    Pick me, I never win!

  • drd525


  • Rex

    Did we ever figure out a working isotoner website? can I buy those gloves? I haven’t been able to find anyone selling them.

    Also, I miss my palm pre’s touchstone. I love my EVO, this powermat would be awesome for it.

  • andrew

    Oh, please pick me!

  • vainkdgurl

    Nice stuff, love to win some!

  • hawki8624

    I love my evo, and Phandroid

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    I hope I win!!!

  • Aaron Clay

    I have wanted one of those Powermats for a while now, just never gotten out to buy one. Would love to win one from my favorite web site. How cool would that be? Those gloves would make using my Tablet EXTRA SWEET!

  • Cash

    Phandroid is about as pimp as it gets.

  • BrianC

    I’m in.

  • Matt Bludorn

    Evo is the greatest phone on the planet. I would love to have these toys. I stood outside during my lunch today freezing my fingers off while refusing to put my phone away. It was worth it but some Isotoner gloves sure would have been nice. HOOK ME UP!!

  • ontheFritz

    i would love me some powermat action!

  • http://phandroid dcorbe

    I love the wireless charging, use to have the palm pre and it worked great hope i can win this one. Gotta love phandroid.

  • Vikrant Rai

    I think HTC EVO 4g powermat is cool. I would love to have one. What are the odds of me getting one?

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    Hope I win! I have an Evo so I could actually use this stuff. Pretty please!

  • Ryan Ruth

    Awesome, that’s some really cool prizes!

  • Kirsty

    I would very much enjoy all of the prizes, I would also totally rock the Phandroid Bag while I am travelling around!

    This picture pretty much sums up how much I would like to win this:

    Good luck to all!

  • joe baca

    My 3 year old loves the EVO as much as I do! We would love new accessories for it!

  • Pete

    Thank you for doing these contests. We may have a slight chance at actually winning, but it’s a great feature for the community!

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    Don’t pick me! ……………………..(now to wait and see if reverse psychology works) ………….

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    Pick me! Because I’m a handful of handsome and awfully awesome!

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    as much as I think you guys need to fact check more, giveaways are always good

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    I have an Eroid Incredible but I’d still love to win.

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    Wishing for the cosmic lottery to shine some light on me… and waiting to upgrade my rooted ERis too!

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    Good luck self

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    I wondered how well the charging system worked. I guess I might find out. Vote!

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    I live in the US, am 22 years old and own an Evo 4G!

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    Make sure you do your civic duty and -V-O-T-E-

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    <3 you guys.

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    Note: See what I did there?

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    The powermat however… now there’s a treat! The only problem is do I keep it at home or at work! Decisions decisions….

    (Note: Yes that email provided is Valid! Even if some email scanners say it isn’t.. try it and you’ll see:)

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