LG Optimus T for T-Mobile Available November 3rd for $29.99

T-Mobile’s finally priced and dated their LG Optimus T – the equivalent to Sprint’s LG Optimus S that we got our hands on not too long ago. According to their Facebook page, you’ll be able to grab the low-end Android up for $29.99 on November 3rd. (That’s $20 cheaper than the Sprint version.) And for $29.99 – if it’s anything like the Optimus S – you’re getting a very capable smartphone to start your Android career off with. It comes pre-installed with Android 2.2, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, and a 600 MHz processor.


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  • Tonyyeb

    Is that $30 with no contract?!

  • Ratnok

    @Tonyyeb-You’re joking right? This is a great price for the kids or the extremely budget conscious. LG is looking at converting a lot of those feature phone addicts to a true smartphone. Good strategy. There are more feature phone buyers than smartphone buyers, even if smartphones are sexier.

  • Jmtownsend83

    Those Bing ads are getting annoying…should be Google ads if anything! ;-)

  • Tonyyeb

    Well the article is poorly written then really wth no mention of what the monthly is. I mean how about an HTC Desire HD for $29.99… Oh yeah forgot to say it is on a $500 a month 50 year contract… not such a great deal now eh?

  • http://noodlesoftware.com Mitchell

    Okay so this gets 2.2 but the Ally which is almost the same dosent? I mean LG says were gona get it but its been forever…

  • usne

    This isn’t bad. You are getting pretty much the same hardware (except for the screen) as the iPhone 3GS at a much lower price. Even though it’s only at 600 MHz, it should still be pretty snappy with 2.2.

  • whiskeymittens

    Come on, TMo – MyTouch HD(4G) release date…MyTouch, MyTouch, MyTouch! The suspense is killing me!