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Acer Liquid Metal and Android Tablet Imaged in the Wild


A couple images have popped up of some upcoming Acer Android devices, with a look at the Liquid Metal and a tablet from the manufacturer. The Liquid Metal is looking pretty good, keeping the same sort of aesthetics you might expect from a PC turned smartphone manufacturer in the same vein as Dell’s recent Android toys.


At a glance it’s hard to get excited about the tablet pictured without knowing a bit more about what is under the hood. We have heard of a line of Android 3.0 tablets coming from the company but little is known spec-wise.

[via EuroDroid]

Continue reading on the Acer Liquid Metal forums, see the specs, or find news and reviews.

Continue reading on the Acer Liquid MT forums, see the specs, or find news and reviews.

  • Keller Shmeller


  • UniqueNate

    The resolution looks rather high on it.

  • jaestoner01

    I don’t see a front camera on either of them… so I don’t knowif I should get happy,but they do look nice …

  • TT

    I’m far more interested in the GW990-like (as in, it seems to have a 21:9 aspect ratio on a fairly large screen), stock Android-bearing handset within the original source:

    Metal back, flash, giant screen and stock Android. All it needs is a decent SOC (preferably Tegra 2) and it’s a day one buy for me. (It also has Dolby Mobile, according to the logo on what seems to be the rear speaker, but that’s not really important)

  • Paul T

    Is that a camera on the left side of the tablet, toward the top?