Acer Liquid Metal and Android Tablet Imaged in the Wild


A couple images have popped up of some upcoming Acer Android devices, with a look at the Liquid Metal and a tablet from the manufacturer. The Liquid Metal is looking pretty good, keeping the same sort of aesthetics you might expect from a PC turned smartphone manufacturer in the same vein as Dell’s recent Android toys.


At a glance it’s hard to get excited about the tablet pictured without knowing a bit more about what is under the hood. We have heard of a line of Android 3.0 tablets coming from the company but little is known spec-wise.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • Keller Shmeller


  • UniqueNate

    The resolution looks rather high on it.

  • jaestoner01

    I don’t see a front camera on either of them… so I don’t knowif I should get happy,but they do look nice …

  • TT

    I’m far more interested in the GW990-like (as in, it seems to have a 21:9 aspect ratio on a fairly large screen), stock Android-bearing handset within the original source:

    Metal back, flash, giant screen and stock Android. All it needs is a decent SOC (preferably Tegra 2) and it’s a day one buy for me. (It also has Dolby Mobile, according to the logo on what seems to be the rear speaker, but that’s not really important)

  • Paul T

    Is that a camera on the left side of the tablet, toward the top?