Motorola Droid 2 Gets Overclocked


If you thought the Android hacking crowd was going to idly sit back with their Motorola Droid 2 handsets and watch as the Droid X stole all the overclocking glory, you are sorely mistaken. FreeWELL is back for the second day in a row taking the same methods used to boost the clock speeds of the X and applying them to the Droid 2 with users reaching into the stable range of 1.2-1.3GHz.

If you are the type who just loves to squeeze every ounce of power out of their Android devices than you will want to head on over to AndroidForums and read all about how to get your Droid 2 pumping at the next level.

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  • andy

    First to 4g and now FIRST!!! – EVO

  • David

    Evo schmeevo!

  • whap

    Stupid! Why do they feel they need to overclock this phone. It will just kill the battery. If you want a faster phone go 4g like andy. I have a dinc and love it. Speed is fast. Yes I would love to have a faster phone but overclocking is just a dumb idea.

  • Brando56894

    Overclocking isnt a “dumb” idea, its just not as useful as it was on the original droid where the speed boost was up to 700mhz. Now people who already bought the droid 2 can practically have the D2 Global speeds w/o buying a new phone. OCing will only kill the battery if you dont have your profiles set up correctly.

  • jeetu

    Coz your iPhone doens’t and the Droid does.

    The G2 on the other hand, last night was seeing ~1.6Ghz

  • whap

    Gotcha Brando. Just seems like it is a battery killer and would over heat the phone a bit too much to be practical. Just curious how would you adjust profile settings to not kill the battery?
    @jeetu I have no need for an Iphone, as I said in my previous post I have an incredible!

  • Bugeyeblue

    Too bad nobody has a Droid 2….

  • morenoc

    Hahahahahahahahahaha droid 2 hahahahahahahahah like to see you do hahahahahahahahahahah with your phones :)

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Heh. my buddy is overclocking his original Droid @ 1.2ghz. Not thats impressive!!!

  • MaxB

    Will the droid 2 global work with full gsm operators like vodafone?i was considering buying the global if it was to work here in Portugal.

  • DroidRiffic

    I’m still clinging to my original Droid because overclocking and custom roms. Stock speed is about 550mhz. Mine is overclocked to 1.2ghz when the screen is on. When its off its only running at 125mhz so the battery savings come in there to balance out the added drain from overclocking. At 125mhz it can still play songs fine without skipping a beat and can sync my feeds and run all the background processes it needs to.

  • Danny

    Do you have to root the D1 in order to over clock it? I’ve been wanting to root my D1 since I got it, but I’m afraid of bricking it.

  • Steve

    @Danny, yes you do. It is very easy and near impossible to brick a droid. You can pretty much always flash it again.

  • g2 on fire!!
  • Optimus Prime

    @droidriffic and steve, where can i get info on how to root and overclock my D1…is it difficult to do yourself? thanks!