T-Mobile MyTouch HD/4G ROM Leaked

It’s become quite the trend with unreleased phones lately, so we don’t expect anything less: the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G’s ROM has been leaked. No word on if this is the final firmware being shipped with the phone, but us Android-loving folks normally don’t care about that stuff. We care about what can be found hidden deep within the source code, so if any of you find the time (and desire) to jump into this package, be sure to let us know what unusual goodies you find!


[911 Sniper via Android Guys] [ROM Download (Be sure to translate it if you have trouble finding the download link.)]

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  • Carlos Condit

    Can someone please download this and post a video on youtube or something. Thanks

  • MaxOmus

    geez, what a pain, even with a translator it was a chore finding the link… not to mention its slow as hell… 3 hours to go.

  • MaxOmus
  • Aztec

    I noticed the download included Glacier in it’s name
    “PD15IMG_Glacier_TMOUS_1.14.531.1_R_Radio_12.28.60.140e_26.03.00.04_M2_release_152476_signed” to be exact

  • MaxOmus

    ‘Aztec wrote on October 18, 2010

    I noticed the download included Glacier in it’s name
    “PD15IMG_Glacier_TMOUS_1.14.531.1_R_Radio_12.28.60.140e_26.03.00.04_M2_release_152476_signed” to be exact’

    T-Mobile myTouch 4G= HTC Glacier

  • Mr. G2

    Poor Keller the Glacier is the Mytouch 4G LMAO

  • g2 on fire!!

    how do ya know its the GLACIER?

  • Hindu Elvis Pimp

    This is a girls phone.

  • whizkid

    @hindu the only thing even close to being as good as this phone is the iphone or the Samsung galaxy s series. so how is this phone a girl phone when it dog walks anything else( including the evo, entire droid series and every other android phone out there). please get your facts straight before you speakout about girly things.

  • CaptObvious

    @Hindu What about this phone makes it “girls phone”. It comes in 4 colors, one of which is black. Maybe a goth girl, but I like it none the less. Not to mention that since we know its the Glacier, its going to be pretty badass.

  • dork

    i dont know.
    i thought glacier was going to be something more amazing than a mytouch.

  • Carlos Condit

    Man i just wanna see the ROM in action : /

  • Alankrut

    Hey look at this thing i found


    I DID NOT put this video on youtube, im just sharing it with others

  • Carlos Condit

    Thanks Alankrut! Nice find.

  • Keller

    *Breathes slowly* If. This. Is. The. Glacier….. Fuck.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Would that be a good or bad thing?

  • stevejobless

    Keller, I hava Cliq I’m willing to give, just for you. Sigh, thank u for supporting our lackluster fruit!

  • adamstern

    Good thing, if Keller could ever get it up.

  • davis

    I agree Hindu, the mytouch line is absolutely for girls. But that’s not a bad thing because android does need to work on their ratio. Plus T-Mobile still has the vibrant which is just as good, or better depending on if you prefer a bigger and better screen or a camera flash. Incidentally, that choice clearly shows which is for whom. Girls want the camera and its flash, men want the sick screen. End of debate

  • Yellowfrizbee

    Lmao oh Keller..

  • Keller

    @ QK Bad.

  • Aztec

    @MaxOmus i thought the glacier was rumored to be a qwerty keyboard phone? but of course like i said rumored. but still

  • PhoneIT

    What the F@%# boys…It’s a Fricken phone. Can I make a call and get email? Good enough for most people. If you need more sit your butt in front of a computer.