Angry Birds: 1 Million Downloads in 1 Day


We’ve been following the Angry Birds obsession for awhile now and after showcasing an early APK, the Android Game finally launched yesterday. The response was so spectacular that downloaders actually crashed the GetJar servers.

You need a LOT of traffic to crash the GetJar servers, that’s for sure, but what Angry Birds is reporting is absolutely astounding. Based on a tweet from RovioMobile, makers of Angry Birds, the game was downloaded 1 million times in the first day!


This has got to be a record for the Android Market. Not only that but I think this may serve as a pivotal point in the Android timeline where developers and companies start to acknowledge the explosive power of Android.

It looks like Android and Angry Birds are Big Pimpin… “Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.”

Rob Jackson
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  1. I love the game and would buy an ad free verison just to support the company…………

  2. Sweet…now maybe we can get some love in the form of more worldclass apps.

    And why haven’t any Android sites spoken on this?

  3. Would someone please inform me of what’s with all of the attention that Angry Birds gets.

  4. Please advise your home planet.

  5. ..Or you could just download it and find out for yourself..

  6. Quentin:

    I have been wondering the same thing. It’s no wonder they hit 1 million downloads. I nearly downloaded it just to see what all the hype was about with this game. The 1 million downloads I’m sure is related to all the hype/press it’s been getting. It might actually be a good game, I’m just not into gaming on my cell phone, I’d prefer to keep that to the PS3.

  7. @Quentin,

    I spent time playing it trying to find out WHY in the world is this the most popular game on iOS.

    After playing it, I realize how just easily impressed iOS users are. This game, can be easily done in Flash. I bet there thousands of better games in Flash than this.

    No wonder, Steve Jobs hate flash. Because Angry Birds made 6millions. Imagine selling a flash game for 6 millions…

  8. @derrickISONLINE ps3 games are very different from the casual games of a dmartphone. Also, my ps3, controller, and 50″ tv are not always with me like my phone…

  9. This game is awesome. I hate to say this but the games on the iphone are really good but I know soon Android will be better…

  10. This game is just really well made. They did have awhile to perfect it on the iOS but it hasnt disappointed as far as usability and quality. The “demo” being out and showing the quality also helped people see how fun it is.

  11. sucks i cant open it and im running 2.1 on my android

  12. Is that a million actual downloads or a million download attempts? I had about 10 download attempts fail at 99% on friday. Started trying to download it at 10am finally got it at 6 pm

  13. What would interest me, is how much of a revenue did the Rovio Mobile get from ADs during this first day :)

  14. Does anyone have any idea why I might be having problems with the installation of this game on my DroidX?
    It downloads fine, but I get the message Installation Unsuccessful-Unknown Error 18.

    I have had no other problems with other software. I have used an app killer to be sure no other problems were running when I attempted to install the game. My security is disable to allow for non-market downloads and installs.

  15. By the way, you are supporting the developer by using the ad version (and probably more so considering the amount of impressions it shows each game session).

  16. I played this game on my iPhone a few months ago and it was not very fun. Plants vs Zombies blows this game away in terms of fun. Maybe the 1 million were just people who are curious why this game gets so much hype. Ill bet this game also got about 800,000 uninstalls on the first day too.

  17. Were not talking about iOS here are we. Were talking about android. Its easily the best game on android, not iOS Though.

  18. It’s not that people wanted to see what all the hype was about. The game was in BETA and the 4th best free game on android. So it wasn’t necessarily curiosity seeing as hundreds of thousands previously downloaded the lite version. It’s actually a good game. Not to mention free, with the draw back being the live ads. Oh well.

  19. This game is certainly not aimed at the hardcore gamer. Hardcore gamers will laugh at this and wonder what the big deal is.

    Casual gamers, however, are a different story. These are typically women, teenagers, people looking for something to do on their lunch break, anybody really that might have enjoyed those “flash games” that you laugh at but get so many hits.

    Why is Angry Birds the one with all the attention? Because most mobile games are half-baked half-assed attempts, and this one is pretty much a clean, hassle free, get in, play, get out experience.

    For instance, I downloaded a much-praised racing game on my Vibrant. Had to pirate it since there was NO FREE DEMO, and I didn’t want to deal with trying to get a refund if I didn’t like it since the developer only takes payment DIRECTLY and not via the Market. Glad I did too. I had the choice of hard controls (not possible on a Vibrant), touch screen controls, or accelerometer controls. None were implemented worth a fark. The touch screen controls yanked the car into the walls whichever direction I tapped. The tilt controls were completely unpredictable.

    Fact is, one could blame the platform for a bad experience like that. One could, but one shouldn’t. The developers KNOW what the platform is when they build the game. They can TEST it. The game should be built to the platform. A racing game or FPS is never going to run right no a handheld unless some developer is a complete GENIUS, which so far we haven’t seen.

    Thus, games written TO THE PLATFORM will succeed. Angry Birds is one of those. If you’re a hardcore gamer who doesn’t like it, then you’re not the target market. Go back to your desktop.

  20. Jack: For unrooted users yes. How many rooted users have a rom that comes pre-installed with adfree…

  21. @Alvin: Hardcore gamers dont use a cell phone for gaming. That whats real PCs and consoles are for. Anyone who thinks they are a hardcore gamer on a 4″ display is retarded!

    I am a hardcore gamer when I have time and I also love this game! Its fun and fills the time while Im at work. This wont appease those totally and utterly bored…but then again most of us have things to do like work during the week.

    This is a fun, complicated and simple game that gets you hooked. A cell based game needs nothing more than that to be popular

  22. Seems to me a hardcore gamer will play on anything that has good games even if the screen is only 4in. Besides I believe something will be done about that through Google TV. At any rate I played the game thought it was fun and feel that its very well made. But its well short of what I’d think would sell like crazy. I do think iPhone users go nuts over anything. I’m waiting for a rise of the 2 d to down games like the old metal gear, heavy barrel, ikari warriors etc. Even though that’s not hardcore 3d I think it would pull more folk than angry birds. Somebody said it best. This is nothing but you’re average flash time waster. And yes I think Jobs does realize that flash on phones would kill the the whole dev market. Folk would have access to all these physics games for free. Again…cool game but the excitement seems seriously over the top.

  23. Happy to say I was one of those that downloaded it on launch day and had to deal with all the server issues! And to those who don’t understand all the hype surrounding this game, download it and give it a chance. It’s actually pretty fun. I didn’t like it at first as I thought it was way too slow, but once I figured out that you don’t have to wait until the bird you just fired off stops rolling, it goes a lot quicker and is much more fun. Just scroll back to the slingshot as soon as your first bird hits its target, and you can immediately fire off another bird before the last one stops rolling around. Very addicting game and actually pretty challenging once you get past the first few rounds.
    Steven made a good point….This has nothing to do with “hardcore” gaming or trying to compete with Xbox/PS3 systems, it’s merely a game to play on your phone if you wanna kill some time or have a little fun.

  24. Can’t imagine why anyone was having trouble with the server. Has nobody heard of Bittorrent? When the server was too busy, I just googled “Angry Birds APK torrent” and literally 30 seconds later, I had the game.

  25. Maybe this is why nobody seems to be getting the myTouch 3G froyo update that according to T Mobile is supposed to be handled by Google.. I see more servers in Googles future..

  26. Its a good time filling game. Good casual game. Good pick up and play game. Its that simple as to why the hype.

  27. Its a good game and I can understand all the hype, but its not exactly what I was expecting.

  28. Wow, that’s impressive, but I’m not surprised AT ALL. That game is addictive and maddening. And it’s very easy on the eyes and well polished.

    I’m wondering all other mirrors (some of them posted here by other phans) had the same traffic.

  29. I actually downloaded my copy off one of the mirror sites listed here and had no problems. (Thank you to all the forum members who took the time to post a mirror link)
    It downloaded right away.

  30. It’s the perfect game for a phone. No one wants an epic RPG adventure on a device with a poor battery that they only play on the bus. You want pick-up-and-play stuff like this.

  31. This game kicks ass!! I love it!!

  32. Does that count include the numerous failed downloads. It would start, get to ~20% and fail.

  33. The reason I think this game is popular is because it is one of very few clean well made games for the Android device. Developers of these types of games stuck to iPhone and were nervous about creating Android games. This game is basically the “iPhone” style games coming to Android. It also involves strategy mixed with a cutesy story board and images. The biggest thing is it is not too difficult and easy for you to pick up and play for 5-10 minutes while you wait for your food to come to the table at a restaurant. Tower Defense is one of my favorite games, however it is not good for quick short games.

    Also, those that use adfree, think about what keeps games free in the Android Market. It is the little bit of money they make off those ads. If you want an iPhone style market, where you pay for EVERYTHING, then keep using adfree. If you want most things to stay free, then allow the ads and support the developer.

  34. An astonishing start for the Android app! Angry Birds is just one of those games, attached to the viral world we live in it has just exploded and this is the proof. Not everyone likes cell phone games, but if you get a chance to try one, why not give one like this a try first. I think there is still a free version and if it’s THAT popular, can it really be that bad?! Those cell phone game-o-phobes who prefer to play their PS3’s, obviously haven’t seen the astounding graphics and developments in cell phone gaming technology – if you’ve got a smartphone, then you’ve pretty much got a console in your pocket!

  35. It looks like it’s not available for the Samsung Captivate… is there something I’m missing?

  36. Download worked on 1st try. Launched and played perfectly on my Vibrant. Had the paid version on my iPod Touch before I accidently ran over it, so this free version is awesome! Can’t wait until Android reaches the level of iOS app store for gaming

  37. It should work on your Captivate, it works on my Fascinate. Try it again.
    And in regards to the ads on this free version, it’s really a non-issue. Honestly, they only pop up every once in awhile and it’s at a very small section at the bottom of your screen. They don’t get in your way and don’t affect the game play at all. Plus there’s really no chance of accidentally clicking on an ad.
    With that said I’ve clicked on a few ads because this game is so awesome I don’t mind giving the developers some extra coin in their pocket for all the hard work that went into this game. And for making it available for free. The ads don’t cost you nothing if you click on them, plus you can immediately close the ad window out as soon as it comes up. Everytime you click an ad, the developers get a little money (and I emphasis little). So if you like the game, why not help out those that brought it to you for free. In a world where nothing is free….well, you know the rest. (the one eyed man is king)

  38. Its really shocking news. Also andorid apps store is now available in 80 European counties

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