Motorola CLIQ Getting Android 2.1 Mid-November?

Yes, you’ve heard this one before, but bear with me: new evidence suggests T-Mobile will be pushing out the upgrade to Android 2.1 for Motorola CLIQ users soon. It’s been a long time coming, and – by now – everyone’s more concerned about Froyo than they are Eclair, but those faithful CLIQ owners with T-Mobile will finally be able to use a lot of the newer features many Android users have been enjoying for a while.


These include a new version of the Android market, speech-to-text, and more. Essentially, most of you just want those 2.1+ exclusive apps, and you’ll finally be able to get those. The internal document leaked by TmoNews suggests training will start November 7th. If we assume training only takes a week to complete (like most products), then we could be seeing this update start to roll out sometime in the middle of next month.

Keep holding on, guys. We’re getting there.

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  • adamsingr77

    I think I’m the only one who got a cliq. Well its about time but why not just add a 0.1 to the total and give the damned thing 2.2.

  • irridor

    So, Motorola has once again FAILED to meet their own generous deadlines. This will be more than 4 months past their previous deadline. So, they have two interns from the local highschool working on this or something?

  • Darkseider

    You think you feel bad? Hell my wife has a Backflip and has been eagerly awaiting 2.1. This is since June when Q3 was announced and now Q4.. ooh wait.. it is Q4. Still waiting.

  • Bishy

    I got a Cliq. And I still like it… But I’ll believe the update when I see it.

  • Speedy

    I’ve been using the leaked 2.1 build for awhile and it works pretty well. I can’t imagine what has taken them an extra 3-4 months to do.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Well, this would be nice. Ill sell it then…or sell it now! Nice I might get 2.1 now that I have the Vibrant! Screw you Motorola!

  • John

    Its not faith that is keeping me to my cliq, its my contract. I wish i knew more about android when i got this phone. I probably would have gotten a different phone.

  • Greg

    I’m regretting the day I bought my Cliq. In a few weeks, (when I’m one year into my two year contract) I’ll be looking to get an early upgrade to the G2. I highly doubt I’ll ever buy another Motorola phone again if they’re going to screw their customers over like this.

  • IllYo

    Faithful cliq owners? Hardly… And how can they be training employees at t-mobile on a phone that they dont sale anymore?

  • Craig

    @All who still have a CLIQ. Only 16 months into a 24 month contract, I was able to get an early upgrade to a G2 with the full discount ($199 after mail-in rebate). Just let them know how unhappy you are with the support you’ve received from the CLIQ, say you’re about ready to just pay the ETF and switch to Verizon ‘cuz you think the DROIDS are oh, so cool, and actually get support from the carrier/manufacturer. This is when they’ll promptly transfer you to customer retention. T-Mobile will bend over backwards for their customers, and it’s completely in your right to take advantage of that. :-)

  • The Dude

    I had a Cliq… so glad I switched to Sprint/EVO, I knew Motorola would keep pushing that deadline back

  • ♫♪SAVV♫♪

    moto sucks!!!they need to upgrade this phone to 2.2

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    @CRAIG: Im jealous you actually were able to work that out. I spent days upon days working TMobile over using the same exact reasoning which is completely justified. But, apparently that didnt work! I still got the Vibrant for BOGO! =0)

  • Frank

    Finally! But this is good because once 2.1 is out then the dev community can tinker with it and release a full blown ROM hopefully with multitouch and a faster UI in general. :)

  • Orison

    There are already ROMs and themes created that run Eclair on the Cliq. Do a Youtube search for Eclair2Cliq, Alxmod, Senseblur, or Cliqandroid. People have been able to get better battery life, live wallpapers, etc working on the device. Its only taking forever for an official Motorola update.

  • Reap

    Sold my Cliq and got a Vibrant 4 days ago. Best choice I’ve ever made.

  • abraham

    Well once again motorala fail like always, I own a cliq to and I wait for the uptade for months, then I call tmobil and ask for tmobil loyalty deparment and talk to then I told then how the tmobil lie to me when ithey told me that the cliq was getting an update in late Q2 then they give me an upgrade to the G2 and my wife got the my touch 3g slider ppl don’t give up keep calling and complain plus did you guys know that the cliq is on the end of it life, that means that if something happen to your cliq you are getting a behold w

  • Oh Lawd

    Soon as November 18 (My bday) comes my daddy gonna buy me a new phone. Im thinkin about getting a G2 or myTouch 4G. But hopefully I hear some news about the HTC Glacier then im gonna get that if its not a rumor

  • Oh Lawd

    I love my Cliq top much though but its startin to get old

  • rohit

    both the cliq and the backflip have an unofficial 2.1. im running now on my Backflip and after overclocking its not bad atall. plus, another dev is making 2.2 on it, and he said it runs extremely smoothly.

  • Joaquin

    Had a Cliq about 9 months until I bought the G2 off contract. Should be interesting to see when this update actually shows up as we’ve been hearing about it for time now

  • Mohammed

    Spoke to a Motorola rep earlier this week and was told that 2.1 would begin to roll out on October 19th. It will not be an OTA update, users will need to go to and download the update from there.

  • mary annette

    Much too little, much too late, motorola. I threw my stupid cliq in the trash weeks ago. The cliq will go down in droid history as the moto’s abandoned, forgotten, probably-accidental child. Never buying from Moto EVER AGAIN. Yeah, the droids on verizon look pretty neat, but if my experience with the cliq is any indicator, they’ll just find a way to leave me out in the cold, with no dessert (froyo, gingerbread OR honeycomb) once more.

  • GoodBye Cliq

    Did they fire that team already….Motorola has to be number one when it comes to bad business…Even now that the update is close, i bet all cliq owners still feel like this is just a joke.I know i do

  • pdxpaul

    go to morotola support forums now to register for the pre roll out 2k folks get it first, like now

  • jason

    i am so sick of motorola i had 1.6 on my G1 and when it broke i called a claim on it and tmobile sent me a cliq because that was the closest thing they had to the g1 at that time. i was really excited because it had the internal memory to run 2.1 unlike the g1 and with more ram and cpu power i thought i was getting a sweet deal. then the phone arrives will all this flashy blur software and i was like “Woah” then just five min later im like wait a min i can do half the things on here that i could on my G1 like use google navigator or speech to text and whats worse it came with preloaded gps software that requires a monthly fee WTF i couldnt even take it off. then they tell me that the update is not going to be out till June. ok fine i can wait one month… only now its late Oct and i’m still using an antiquated smart phone while all of my friends are getting all the cool 2.1 features like live walpaper and hundreds of apps that i cant use and all i get that they dont have is a buggy happenings widget and a migraine headache

  • @jason

    @jason…you got screwed!

    i’d love to have SOMETHING with 1.6 right now.

  • dale

    finally happened. i got my eclair update. what a difference!