Huawei Ideos Will Be T-Mobile Comet for Launch


The Huawei Ideos is getting out to all sorts of carriers around the world, but don’t expect to see that name when it lands at T-Mobile on November 3rd. Sticking with their penchant to ditch manufacturer names and rebrand devices, the carrier has dubbed the device the T-Mobile Comet. The “Comet” codename initially appeared on a leaked accessory sheet for TMo, but at that time it was unsure what the handset would be. Although a little less exciting than a high-end top-secret Android, the Comet should be dirt cheap on and off contract when it lands at the carrier.

[via TMoNews]

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  • josh

    as always i welcome any new Android phones…But Ideos is the worst name i could think of for anything.

  • Idioit

    Correction Huawei Idiots

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    @Idioit tell me do you know the difference between a white and black iphone 4 by sitting on it? Really

  • Shahid

    Will comment when found full specification and features of IDEOS. Think would be good.

  • mander

    does the Huawei Ideos mean anything? is it a different phone from the t-mobile comet?