Acer Liquid Metal’s Front-Side Exposed

When we first heard about the Acer Liquid Metal, we wondered why a shot of the front of the device was nowhere to be found. It’s ready to show its face to the world, though, as another shot of the partially-aluminum phone from Acer has just leaked out again. The only problem with this picture is that it’s not running Acer’s custom skin, it’s running Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI 3.0. A little marketing blunder, I’m sure, but what’s important here is the hardware. And that’s about as far as I’ll go because it doesn’t look much different from Acer’s other phones prior to the Metal.


[ via EuroDroid]

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  • http://AndroidSPIN Alex

    Um…. that is TouchWiz – Daily Briefing, bottom icons, etc… just sayin’

  • ManiacalShen

    Didn’t read the article at all, did you, Alex?

  • Alexander

    I had to change my name as I noticed that there was another Alex on here giving me a bad name with their lack of reading comprehension skills…..

  • http://AndroidSPIN Alex

    Hahaha – No I didn’t fellas. My sincere apologies – I glance, but didn’t comprehend anything and did the exact think I hate. Please forgive me Android community—- It was early and I jumped to conclusions. I facepalmed myself when right after posting the comment I read the article. @Alexander – Please forgive me and damaging the “Alex” name – but cut me some slack at least I don’t QB for the 49rs :P

  • JohnB

    LOL u guys crack me up

  • Alexander

    @Alex: For taking responsibility for your actions and not being a total douche about it, all is forgiven, child. May the not Force Close be with you.

  • SillyRabit

    Lol im using that UI on my Acer Liquid s100 Black.

    Good thing about roms is my puppy has been running this 2.2 for months.. like a boss :)