Samsung Transform User Guide Intercepted At

The Samsung Transform might try to be chameleon-like but it isn’t any T-1000 as it couldn’t prevent the interwebz from spotting it prematurely on Sprint’s website.


This is the phone that was first leaked last week alongside the Sanyo Zio, but learning that the User Guide of the Transform was found smack dab on the Sprint website pretty much ends the speculation.


It looks like Sprint customers itching for a slide-out QWERTY but unable to afford the EPIC 4G might have a new option within reach. And if the User Guide is already ready… you can bet that reach is within inches.

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  • Jimmy

    Man that sucks…I thought it was going to be a kb less Epic.

  • Kendall Spann

    looks great. hopefully it will be $200.

  • Kendall Spann

    phandroid needs a reboot. new commenting system, looks, and navigation.

  • wodin

    hopefully it is $100 on contract and $350 off. I’ll buy one if it is. My upgrade date isn’t until Jan and I would prefer to have something a little better than my hero while I wait.

  • Juan

    Screen size, processor, Android version?

  • Juan

    Nevermind, I see 2.2, the other questions still stand. This sucks that a lower end device gets Froyo before the Epic 4G.

  • Lewis

    The Epic 4G is still at 2.1? Man, that stinks.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Sprint really has a thing for the slide-out qwerty. If you don’t want an EVO, you must get qwerty.

  • ryan

    It’s not even out yet. How does it have 2.2 before the epic? Comment makes zero sense. Any upcoming device is going to be advertised with froyo.

  • Craig

    “Samsung Transform User Guide Intercepted At”

    I see what you did there.

  • goodboynyc

    Shucks, I took was hoping for a non-slide-out Android phone. Still looks good. Hoping the specs are better than the Hero seeing as though it is coming out a whole year after it. In any case I hope it doesn’t have 4G so I don’t have to pay the extra fee. Ill probably try to mold a case so as to not use the keyboard :P

  • Colin

    @goodboynyc, you should hope that not only are the specs better than the Hero, but better than the Moment/Intercept as well… Does this mean that merely 3 months post-release of the Intercept that it has reached EOL?

  • goodboynyc

    @Colin: I say better than the Hero because after months of reading over reviews and seeing the different specs, the Hero always seemed to be on top regardless of if having been released last year.

    And the Samsung Transform may become Samsung’s new mid-range phone with the intercept becoming its low-end model; What with its screen being a sub-par resolution that doesn’t even meet the minimum requirement for Android.

  • goodboynyc

    Link to the .pdf of the manual. It doesn’t mention anything about 4G but does say what 3G connection icon is(I assume 4G has a different icon). Packs a 2gb micro SD for what it’s worth.

  • Dylan Taylor

    Found the pdf, but theres only one page in the manual… maybe they pulled it?

  • bobby

    thats bullshit it comes with stock Froyo, and the epic is stuck with crap touchwiz eclair >/

  • The Badman

    The Intercept was put on EOL 2 days after the Epic was released 8/31/10. No more of them are being made and the Intercept was not made privy to the recent OTA Android updates for the other four Android devices (Moment, Hero EVO and Epic) that have been released on Sprint. This looks like a far superior device to the Intercept and will probably replace the Hero for the $150 pricing option and the Hero will probably drop to $100.
    Dan Hesse is expected to make a super BIG announcement tomorrow 10/6/10, the announcement is supposed to be device related and I’m betting this device is it.


  • The Badman

    Looks like the Sanyo Vero, Sanyo Zio (Android Phone), Samsung Transform and Blackberry 3G 9330 are what on the serving plate. :-)


  • SiLow

    This actually looks like a really nice mid-range phone. Hardware Keyboard + Camera Flash + FFC + what looks like vanilla 2.2! Let me know when you find any other phone with those types of specs.

  • Brian

    this unit does not have the nav keys on the slide out keyboard like the Epic does (back, home, search, options). To me that’s a big deal.

  • Matt

    Almost perfect…decent size (not too big for pocket like Evo), stock froyo, no 4G that I can’t get and don’t want to pay for, probably a decent price. Eliminate the hardware keyboard and I would buy this in a second.

  • dps

    If this is a replacement for Intercept then I hope Sprint let customer who just bought crapy Intercept upgrade it or better yet exchange it. In that case will Intercept get 2.2?