Motorola Drops Off the BRAVO, FLIPSIDE, and FLIPOUT at AT&T

Ah, there you are little Motorola Flipout. And you brought along two friends! How nice. The phone that we almost left for dead has touched down at AT&T and it isn’t alone. Perhaps this was the reason for the delay? The two flanking Android handsets are the Motorola Bravo and Motorola Flipside, all carrying specs that plop them right into the mix of mid-range devices. It’s like a Backflip triple assault, only hopefully a bit better this time.


The Bravo features a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen display with an 800MHz processor, 3MP camera and DLNA support. The Flipside gets a 3.1-inch HVGA display, a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a nice big trackpad on the front. And finally, the most familiar device, the Flipout, is a square little Android with flip-out keyboard and multiple battery cover color options. All will carry Android 2.1 and MotoBlur.

The Bravo will set you back $129.99 after contracts, the Flipside goes for $99.99, and the Flipout brings the prices even lower at $79.99. AT&T, you shouldn’t have. (No, you really shouldn’t have).

[Press Release via BGR]

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  • Nyreyn

    wow, motorola wants to be king of the mid range (and basically pointless) android phones.

  • Dave

    Crap, crap, and more crap. All to be abandoned on 2.1 forever.

  • Matthew

    While not high-end devices for our community I am glad they’re out. More devices in more hands = more support. The Aria and Captivate can’t carry Android at at&t alone ( excluding xperia and backflip for 1.6).

  • Doug

    Not every Android device which comes out *should* out top the prior one. The way you sell the most handsets is to make different styles and types so that EVERYONE will see a device / phone they like. My 18 year old niece doesn’t give a rats @$$ about specs, but she does care about style and what works for *her* (she likes that stupid square Droid).

  • AL

    Doug is correct, they don’t all have to be better than the last.
    BUT it would be nice if ATT would choose something other than
    Mid range or bottom on androids. A lot of people
    Like me Will never buy anything made by Apple. That
    Seems to be where they want you and try to control their customers Just like Apple. Oh for the days of Southern Bell and
    Cingular, when you had top grade choices.

  • Beast

    Why bother with any android device when there’s the iPhone 4? At least I can multitask on my iPhone 4!

  • Nyreyn


    You’re right, but when you’re waiting on breaking news about the super phone you want and you keep getting news like this you tend to get a little frustrated. I don’t think I’m the only one that was disappointed by this news and verizons newly leaked road map.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Very good point Doug. Not everyone wants to (or can afford) high end devices. There is a huge market that would be just fine with the mid to low range devices. The point the is more Android goodness that gets poured into the market the better.

  • pimpstrong

    @ Nyreyn. ATT has 3 four inch(plus) Android superphones already. Not to say that they are thee best out or nothin but atleast they aren’t midranged. What exactly are you waiting for? I’m waiting for a 4.3″ Android beast on TMO which we dont have yet.

  • pimpstrong

    It is a shame that ATT now has another Backflip calibur phone.

  • Nyreyn


    Let’s just say if the droid x or fascinate had a ffc id be 600 bucks poorer. I would have bought it off contract.


    I just ordered my X10 could care less what version Android is on. It’s the only best phone next to the Captivate. I’m staying away from Motorola now and forever after what they did to the backflip.

  • CTown

    I thought the processors Moto uses are easily overclocked. If Moto wanted to, that Bravo (I kind of like it) can easily be updated past Froyo.

  • pimpstrong

    wow Phandroid, I take it you guys don’t sensor profile names?

  • Nyreyn

    Yeah that name needs to be censored.

  • QuantumRand

    AT&T has the absolute crappiest phones…Sure, the Captivate has a nice screen and fast processor, but it doesn’t even have a flash for the camera. It’s like they made something fast and just decided to half-ass the rest of it.