HTC Legend Gets a New “Phantom Black” Paint Job


Getting bored with the silver HTC Legend? One way to get a bit more excitement in your life would be to invest in a newer, more robust handset altogether, but if you are endeared the charm of one of the elder statesmen among HTC’s lineup of Android phones perhaps this new color scheme will satisfy you. The “Phantom Black” HTC Legend joins the white HTC Desire and silver HTC Wildfire as the latest color variants to be unleashed across Europe. Is it enough to warrant a second look for the Legend?

[via Gizmodo]

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  • Eddie Android

    Beautiful! Now do the G2!

  • Dan

    I’m confused. Bell Canada discontinued the silver Legend because of supply problems and HTC is coming out with newly coloured ones? What’s the deal here?

  • James

    We’d better see Froyo on this device soon!

  • Eddie

    i think its kinda sexy actually! ooo black Alum…kinda wished the desire had a metal unibody i.e. why cant they just dump the internals of the desire into here?? i’ve got the gsm hero in the UK and i still love the chin, stops the screen from getting scartched till high heaven lol


    I have it on silver… and I love it!!


  • mzc

    Bell Canada discontinued HTC Legend because it’s eating up Virgin mobile’s sales….its that simple…I dont believe their supply constraint explanation bs..


    It gets better and better. too bad I won’t see this baby on AT&T at all.

  • Mark

    More robust? There is nothing wrong with the Legend at all, it’s actually more powerful in 3D than the Desire, in a smaller and way more sexier form factor.