Motorola WX445 Ciena Specs Show a Low-End Android for Verizon


The Motorola WX445 was first heard of in a Verizon roadmap a few months back. A later leak revealed the phone to be a low-end Android handset running around under the name Citrus. While the Motorola WX445 Citrus was absent from a leaked list of future Android phones for Verizon that popped up yesterday, the handset didn’t want to be left out of the big reveals. Some new specs have surfaced along with a new name for the handset: the Motorola Ciena.

The Ciena will feature a 3-inch QVGA screen at 240×320 pixels, a 528MHz Qualcomm chipset, 256MB of RAM with 512MB of ROM, and a 3MP camera with no autofocus or flash. The back of the phone will feature the BackTrack trackpad, which first appeared on the much maligned Motorola BackFlip.

And if all of that didn’t get you too hot for the handset, don’t worry. Verizon seems to be unsure about it as well. While original leaks pegged this one for a now-missed September release, word is the device is being reconsidered by Big Red. It may never even see the light of day.

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  • Jmtownsend83

    Would be a smartvmove to NOT release this phone…it looks like a big step backwards…and hey, why build a phone with Android 2.1 once 2.2 was released, one would expect them to release phones with it…step forward people! Enough backwards already… ;-)

  • zorxd

    Do we really need an other 528 MHz / 256MB / 3-3.2 inch 320*XYZ device? Just update the OS in your old devices, damn it!

  • zorxd

    Oh and I forgot, lower the price also.

  • Dave

    Whats the point of low end phones when phones like the Fascinate are free a few weeks after release.

  • uly

    not everyone wants/needs a smartphone. not all phones have to be top of the line. Different handsets for different demographic

  • Nyreyn

    Is it just me or does there seem to be more budget android devices than there are High end devices?

  • Chris

    this is a smartphone which means that people who dont want a smartphone still would be forced to get a data plan with this phone so your comment holds no water here.

  • JO

    I think motorola (and dell for that matter) may have a lawsuit on their hands if they don’t change the proprietary colour of phones like this. Looks an awful lot like Sony Ericssons signature blue.

  • Sea-Town

    Why can’t anyone release a full featured Android phone that is reasonably sized. I really want any Android phone, but I am not about to go out to the bars with a giant Droid X in my front pocket. Most woman don’t care because they just drop the phone in their purse. So, are all you guys with Fascinates and Droid X phones carrying man purses or are you dorking out with the phone on your belt?