Twin Cities and Pittsburgh Wake Up to 4G


Rise and shine, Sprint fans in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Pittsburgh: your 4G phone is ready to chow down on some hearty, tasty WiMax. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Sprint launch 4G in more than one market, but that’s an irrelevant tidbit that you probably won’t care about. What you do care about are those broadband speeds in the palm of your hand, so go turn on that WiMax radio inside of your EVO or Epic and consume some kilobytes!


[via Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sprint is the leader in 4G service. Although the other carriers are coming out with 4G/LTE service later in the year Sprint is currently the leader as it has more cell towers. This article has great info:

  2. Finally! Time to get my 4G on!

  3. LTE is preferable over WiMax.

  4. Just ran a speed test from St. Louis Park (suburb of Twin Cities) and got 6 mbps down. Awesome.

  5. yea still waiting on 4g in cleveland ohio!!!

  6. YEEEESSSS!!!! My 4g works, and it is beautiful!!!!

  7. Why do they not like California and Florida? The only places they have turned on 4G officially is in small towns far from any of the larger cities. I happened to be passing through one of those small towns last week and stopped to try out the 4G. I wasn’t impressed, for my uses it wasn’t much faster than 3G. And, running my laptop through the mobile hotspot on 4G drained my battery faster than the car charger could re-charge it. I’m glad I like the other features of my EVO, otherwise I would not keep it just for 4G service.

  8. Thanks for writing about CLEAR. It’s great to see feedback in the comments, and for many of you waiting for 4G you can keep up with announcements on where CLEAR’s 4G will launch next on Facebook at!

    Cecile at CLEAR

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