Ajax Edition Samsung Galaxy Apollo and Galaxy S Launch in the Netherlands


If you have no idea who or what Ajax is, don’t worry. If you do know of them chances are no explanation is necessary. Turns out they are a pro football (read: soccer) team from the Netherlands, and they apparently also offer mobile plans through their website. And now available on those mobile plans are Ajax versions of the Samsung Galaxy Apollo and Samsung Galaxy S. The phones will come on a 19.95 EUR monthly plan featuring voice and data.

What you are getting is no different spec-wise to the traditional version of these Galaxy devices, but they will come loaded with an Ajax app and other Ajax content.  You can check them out on the Ajax site right now.

[via IntoMobile]

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  • Magicdroid

    Great! Now Samsung will receive some more pressure to fix(*) their device.

    Let’s see if they can outrun those Ajax hooligans ;-)

    (*) talking about the GPS, the lag & the contacts not showing the gmail groups… amongst others.

  • Craig

    Ajax is Amsterdam’s football team.

    I would so love one of these!

  • Dr.Oid

    “Turns out they are a pro football (read: soccer)”

    Erm, no. It’s football. Soccer is just another useless American invention.

  • James MacLeod

    Actually Dr.Oid. Learn some football history, you are wrong.

  • Dr.Oid

    @James MacLeod:

    Ha! You sir, are correct.

    Shame on me!

    -Still shouldn’t call it soccer though- :P

  • Misha

    AFCA can’t be stopped! :P

  • Jiayang

    Go AFC Ajax! Would love to get Galaxy S.